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6. Kingfisher Launches New Mirakl Powered Home Improvement Marketplace at Castorama France

Kingfisher has made an exciting announcement regarding the launch of a new home improvement e-commerce marketplace at Castorama France, expanding its reach and offerings.

The introduction of this marketplace follows successful marketplaces at B&Q in the UK, Brico D├®p├┤t in Spain and Portugal, and the Ko├ºta┼ƒ joint venture in Turkey, showcasing Kingfisher’s commitment to growth and innovation.

With over 500,000 new products from verified third-party merchants now available on Castorama France’s e-commerce channels, customers will have access to a significantly wider range of options alongside the already extensive c.70,000 products directly from Castorama.

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Utilizing a scalable technology platform developed in collaboration with Mirakl, Kingfisher is poised to launch another marketplace at Castorama Poland later this year, further marking its expansion and dedication to providing innovative solutions.

7. Starbucks Bins Odyssey NFT Rewards Programme

Back in 2022, Starbucks ventured into the realm of Web3 with the beta launch of an NFT rewards programme, Odyssey, under the guidance of Adam Brotman, a key figure in the retailer’s technological advancements.

Despite the initial hype and promise of innovation, this closed, invite-only beta programme has now been discontinued by Starbucks, signaling a shift in their Web3 efforts.

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While Starbucks may have moved on from Odyssey, they remain dedicated to exploring further opportunities in the Web3 space, embodying their commitment to pushing boundaries and adapting to evolving technologies.

8. BT Group Adyen Partnership Enables Small Business Customers to Accept Contactless Payments via iPhones

BT Group’s Etc. arm has teamed up with FinTech giant Adyen to introduce a new service allowing small business customers to accept contactless payments directly on their iPhones, simplifying the payment process for merchants and customers alike.

The launch of the BT Tap to Pay app, designed with valuable input from small businesses and sole traders across the UK, offers a secure and convenient solution for in-person transactions, eliminating the need for additional hardware.

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Through the collaboration with Adyen and leveraging EE’s connectivity, BT Group is providing small businesses with a seamless payment experience, with added security features and competitive transaction rates.

9. Waitrose and WRAP Utilize Eye Tracking Tech and Behavior Change Science to Promote Loose Produce Benefits

During Food Waste Action Week, Waitrose and WRAP have initiated a trial in their Thatcham store, implementing point of sale messaging and eye tracking technology to encourage customers to opt for loose produce, reducing food waste and plastic usage.

Catherine Loader, Sustainability Manager at Waitrose, emphasizes the importance of supporting customers in making sustainable choices and reducing household waste through innovative strategies like offering more loose fruit and vegetables.

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By sharing the results of these trials and continuing to educate and engage customers, Waitrose aims to empower shoppers to make informed decisions that benefit both the environment and their own households, paving the way for a more sustainable future.

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