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Kennebunk Savings Supports Racial Unity Team with $10,000 Sponsorship

Kennebunk Savings, a financial institution based in Kennebunk, is showing its support for the Racial Unity Team by sponsoring the organization with a $10,000 donation. The Racial Unity Team is a nonprofit based in Stratham, New Hampshire, that works towards racial justice and cultural understanding by collaborating with schools, businesses, municipalities, and communities. Their efforts have been recognized by receiving the 2023 Governor’s Arts Education Award for their Arts in Action public school program.

One way that the Racial Unity Team is making strides in the community is through its involvement with schools and the overall conversation around racial equality. They believe that starting the conversation early and sustaining it helps to raise awareness and create a more inclusive environment for all. Kennebunk Savings recognizes the importance of these efforts and has worked to elevate and highlight different voices and experiences in their own workplace.

Will Hygh, the chair of the bank’s DE&I Council, expressed excitement about the recognition received by the Racial Unity Team and stated, “We really value what the Racial Unity Team does at schools and in the community, starting the conversation early and sustaining it, making us all more aware of each other and our lived experiences.”

The Racial Unity Team believes that cultivating an inclusive work environment can significantly reduce employee turnover. Ken Mendis, a founding member and the current board chair of the team, stated, “Inclusion, diversity, and equity empower your employees to take pride in their work and the company.” Dory Polanco, a branch manager at Kennebunk Savings and a volunteer on the Racial Unity Team board of directors, shared her personal experience immigrating to the United States and emphasized the importance of inclusivity for children. She said, “Now that I am in a position where I can be a part of an organization like the Racial Unity Team, I want to make sure that every kid has that opportunity. To express themselves, and feel like they belong.”

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