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## United Natural Foods Launches UNFI Insights Platform in Partnership with Crisp

United Natural Foods, Inc. (UNFI) has announced the launch of UNFI Insights, a new platform developed in collaboration with Crisp, a provider of retail analytics for food suppliers. This platform aims to provide UNFI suppliers with comprehensive sales inventory and deduction data across both natural and conventional channels.

## Boosting Relationships and Growth Prospects for CPG Brands

By expanding their partnership with Crisp, UNFI aims to offer Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands an unparalleled opportunity to strengthen their relationships and enhance growth prospects with retailers. John Raiche, the executive vice president of supplier services at UNFI, emphasizes that this platform, which consolidates natural and conventional sales and inventory data in one location, will contribute to better overall service levels for retail customers and set the company apart in a highly competitive marketplace.

## Accessing Insights Through the Supplier Portal

The insights provided by UNFI Insights can be accessed through the supplier portal. This user-friendly platform aims to bolster suppliers’ marketing and merchandising efforts by offering valuable store and category recommendations, fill rates, voids, as well as deduction and food waste dashboards. The portal will also enable suppliers to monitor their brands’ UNFI sales and inventory levels. Moreover, a spoilage dashboard allows users to track short-dated inventory, providing visibility on products that are nearing expiration.

## Enhancing Collaboration Between Natural and Conventional Brands

The strategic partnership between UNFI and Crisp allows both natural and conventional brands to collaborate more effectively with UNFI and their retail partners. By eliminating data silos, the platform ensures that data becomes more actionable, ultimately leading to increased profitability for brands and a reduction in food waste. Crisp’s Chief Executive Officer and founder, Are Traasdahl, commends UNFI for their dedication to supplier success and their commitment to facilitating data access.

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