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Real Estate Transactions in Long Island

2-8 Main St., Roslyn

Marianna Yusupova recently acquired a 9,650-square-foot building on .37 acres at 2-8 Main St. in Roslyn for $2.3 million. This two-story mixed-use building, constructed in 1925, features office space above retail stores on the ground level. Currently, the property is 85 percent occupied by nine office tenants and three retail tenants. The purchase price translates to a 5 percent cap rate. The buyer’s business, a spirits importer and distributor, is planning to utilize the office spaces as they become available. The transaction was facilitated by Stephen Preuss, Kevin Louie, and Eric Delafraz of RIPCO Real Estate, who represented both the buyer and the seller, the Otterman family.

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2231 Fifth Ave., Ronkonkoma

Truxx Inc., a company specializing in trailer sheet metal repair, has leased 2,500 square feet of industrial space at 2231 Fifth Ave. in Ronkonkoma. The lease agreement was facilitated by Michael Zere of Zere Real Estate Services, who represented both the tenant and the landlord, JD Storage LLC.

124 Main St., Huntington

You Li, an acupuncturist, has leased 1,246 square feet of office space at 124 Main St. in Huntington. Known for offering a variety of services including acupressure, tuina massage, foot reflexology, and facial and skin treatments, Li now has their third location. The tenant was represented by Hong Ru Lin of East Coast Realtors, while Jamie Winkler of Winkler Real Estate represented the landlord, Village Green 124 LLC.

120 Kean St., West Babylon

120 Kean LLC, an affiliate of a local commercial real estate investor, recently purchased a 6,150-square-foot building on .37 acres at 120 Kean St. in West Babylon for $950,000. This industrial building, built in 1965, includes two loading docks and a drive-in bay. The buyer was self-represented, while Victor Little and Daniel Abbondandolo of Cushman & Wakefield represented the seller, Moyer Packing Company, in the sales transaction.

62-66 W. Main St., East Islip

62-66 W. Main St Holdings LLC, an affiliate of a Long Island-based commercial real estate investor, acquired an 8,255-square-foot mixed-use building on .23 acres at 62-66 W. Main St. in East Islip for $2 million. This fully occupied two-story building features two 2-bedroom apartments above four commercial spaces. The sale price reflects a 6.8 percent cap rate. The transaction was managed by Ron Epstein of RC Commercial Partners, who represented both the buyer and the seller, Ronkonkoma Partners LLC.


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