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Ohio Governor Requests Rapid Disaster Declaration for Logan County

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has officially requested the Small Business Administration (SBA) issue a Rapid Disaster Declaration for residents, families, and businesses in Logan County, following the devastation caused by tornadoes on March 14, 2024.

Damage assessments conducted by various federal, state, and local agencies have revealed that 63 homes and/or businesses in Logan County have uninsured damages, exceeding the threshold required to request a disaster declaration from the SBA. While Logan County is the sole county meeting this criteria, neighboring counties impacted by the tornadoes would also be eligible for SBA support.

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Governor DeWine’s Efforts for Disaster Relief

This recent request comes on the heels of Governor DeWine’s previous appeal on March 29 for a FEMA Presidential Disaster Declaration for all 11 counties affected by the tornadoes on March 14. The SBA mandates that governors wait 20 days after requesting a FEMA declaration before seeking a standalone declaration from the SBA.

However, Governor DeWine expressed concern in his letter, stating, “Twenty days have elapsed, and there has been no decision on that request. Furthermore, there is no indication of an imminent decision. As a result, I am urging a Rapid Disaster Declaration from SBA.”

If granted, the SBA would provide low-interest loans to qualifying businesses and individuals for repairing or replacing real estate and personal property damaged by the tornadoes. In addition, the declaration would enable Governor DeWine to activate the Ohio Emergency Management Agency’s (EMA) State Individual Assistance Program, which offers grants to homeowners and renters with unmet needs.

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