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## Dealing with Divorce Negotiations

I am currently going through a divorce and working through negotiations with my ExWife instead of going to court. We both have lawyers to assist us through the process.

## Financial Situation and Child Support

According to the ODJFS worksheet, I owe her about $832/mo in child support, but this is reduced by 10% due to meeting the time requirements. My base salary is $85K a year with an average bonus of $20K per year over the past 3 years. On the other hand, my ExWife makes $72K base salary.

## Discrepancy in Taxes and Take-Home Pay

She is a state employee and is in OPERS, which exempts her from paying Social Security Tax. Additionally, her federal taxes are much lower compared to mine. Despite me making $13K more annually, our monthly take-home pay is nearly identical – I bring in roughly $4,650 and she brings in $4,500.

## Bonus and Proposal for Child Support

The major difference in our incomes is my bonus, which is taxed at a higher rate. I suggested putting half of all earned bonuses into a fund for our daughter instead of child support, but this proposal was rejected by my ExWife.

## Seeking Legal Advice

I raised my concerns with my lawyer regarding the fairness of the state’s child support plan. However, my lawyer informed me that Child Support is determined based on the higher earner’s income and does not take into account taxes, time spent with the child, or budget breakdown.

## Concerns and Recourse

If we proceed with the state’s plan, I would have an excess of $281/mo in my budget while my ExWife would have an excess of $1,715 a month. This imbalance raises concerns about providing an equitable standard of living for my child. I want to ensure that my child has the best life possible but the current system seems to favor my ExWife financially.

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