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## Considering a Job in New Jersey: Process for Level 1 Notification

If you are considering taking a job in New Jersey while currently at level 1 in NYS, the process for notification in New Jersey may differ. According to the NJSP website, you are required to go to the station, register, and will eventually receive notification about a date to receive your level.

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At level 1, only police stations are notified. At level 2, schools, daycare, community centers, and similar establishments are notified. Level 3 involves notifying the entire neighborhood, but you personally have no duty to notify anyone. Is this information correct?

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  • Orfyreus

    Working and living as a level 1 in NJ should not be a problem at all.

  • Orfyreus

    I was registered through North Bergen at Level 2 for 6 years. I never had to notify anyone.

  • Emotional-Editor9725

    Weight-Slow will help you with this I think. She knows better than me

  • Rome247

    In NJ, all you have to do is call their local police department/registry department and tell them where you work…it’s a notification

  • berner20

    Correct. Unless you were tier 3, the only people you need to notify is the police station in the town you’re going to be working in. And you’ll want to contact them ASAP if offered and you accept a job in the town and set up an appointment for registration. Specifically ask to speak to the identification bureau of the town.

    Man, good luck. Seriously.. if you find something, let me know. I’d see if I can apply too. I’ve been trying to find something else for four years now. I ace interviews just to be rejected because of the background check. It’s been extremely challenging and frustrating.

  • Critical-Wrap1546

    The only thing I would add to this is you get tiered based on a risk based evaluation. You can find it pretty easily online if you google it. The evaluation is applied pretty unevenly – one county prosecutor may score you more harshly than another. I am tier 1 and I know of someone who lives in a different county with similar charges who got tier 2.

    Also NJ has this weird thing where you can be rated a tier 2 but if you’re close to a tier 1 based on the assessment they don’t put you on the website.

    DM me if you need any help or have more questions. Good luck. All in all NJ is one of the best states for SOs if you can afford the absurd taxes here.