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## Acquisition of Asacha Media Group by Fremantle

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The recent acquisition of Asacha Media Group by Fremantle marks a significant milestone in the entertainment industry. Asacha Media Group, a private-equity-backed operation, owns eight TV and film production companies across France, Italy, and the United Kingdom. The acquisition by Fremantle signifies a strategic move to expand its global presence and strengthen its portfolio of content offerings.

Asacha’s subsidiaries, including renowned production companies such as Red Planet Pictures, Picomedia, Stand by Me, Srab Films, Mintee Studios, Kabo Family, Wag, and Arrow Media, bring a diverse range of scripted and non-scripted content to Fremantle’s platform. This acquisition not only adds value to Fremantle’s existing lineup but also strengthens its foothold in key European markets.

The leadership transition at Asacha, with Gaspard de Chavagnac continuing as the group CEO and reporting to Andrea Scrosati, Fremantle’s Group COO and CEO Continental Europe, highlights the seamless integration of the two companies. Marina Williams, as Asacha CCO, will also play a pivotal role in the post-acquisition phase.

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Fremantle’s continued global buying spree, which includes acquisitions of prestige production companies like Element Pictures, Lux Vide, and Dancing Ledge Productions, showcases its commitment to expanding its content offerings and reaching a wider audience. The addition of Singapore-based Beach House Pictures further strengthens Fremantle’s foothold in the Asian market.

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