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## Self-employed Musician Facing International Tax Obligations

I am a self-employed musician in England whose freelance work is primarily carried out online. As I expand my work globally, I am now encountering potential tax responsibilities in various jurisdictions.

### Fiverr and Tax Obligations

One of the platforms I predominantly use for my freelancing gigs is Fiverr, which is based in the USA. Despite serving clients worldwide through this platform, my understanding is that I do not have any tax obligations in the USA. Instead, if I am paying taxes on my earnings through self-assessment in the UK, it should suffice. When signing up on Fiverr, there is a specific form that clarifies this, and after conducting research, I am confident this is the correct approach.

### Contractual Work with a Customer in Denmark

I have established a solid working relationship with a client in Denmark, where I provide online services to him on a private contractual basis and receive payments online. Recently, I received a notification on my Stripe account indicating that I have conducted business transactions in Denmark, potentially necessitating the payment of VAT to the Danish authorities. I have been advised to register for VAT in Denmark through my Stripe dashboard.

### AI Legalese Decoder Assistance

The AI Legalese Decoder can assist me in navigating the complex web of tax treaties, double taxation, and varying tax rates due to the UK’s departure from the EU. By using this innovative tool, I can decode legal jargon, understand my tax obligations more clearly, and ensure compliance with international tax laws. This will enable me to address potential tax issues proactively and make informed decisions about my freelance work’s tax implications.

### Seeking Professional Guidance

I have already consulted a tax adviser affiliated with the ISM to gain clarity on my situation, particularly regarding Fiverr. While she provided some insights and reassurance on the Fiverr side, the complexities of the tax implications in Denmark remain a concern. With potential tax rates of 20-25% on my earnings and the need for foreign tax relief on my self-assessment, I am eager to address this issue promptly to avoid any future complications with Danish authorities.

### Additional Resources for Reference

In my quest for clarity and guidance on international tax obligations, I have accessed various resources provided by my tax adviser. These include:

– VAT registration: How to register for VAT in Europe through Stripe
– Synthesised text of the Multilateral Instrument (MLI) and the 1980 UK – Denmark Double Taxation Convention
– Denmark VAT guide for 2023
– Place of supply of services (VAT Notice 741A) on GOV.UK

By utilizing these resources and the AI Legalese Decoder, I aim to navigate the intricate world of international tax obligations more effectively and ensure compliance with relevant tax laws. Additionally, I plan to engage an accountant for my next self-assessment tax return to streamline the process on the UK side, while addressing potential tax issues in Denmark proactively.

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