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Expansion Plans for Plus Five in Orillia

‘I think it’s just going to continue growing,’ says Plus Five official of ambitious plans for the company that recently relocated to Orillia

An Orillia motorcycle clothing line distributor, Plus Five, is experiencing rapid growth by selling GryphonMoto products to dealers and individual customers across North America. The company was founded by Gary Cuzner and his wife, Jenny, in their Toronto home in January 2020. As the business expanded and required a warehouse in 2021, they decided to move it to Orillia at 3 Royce Ave., Unit 5, to be closer to family. Melissa Dvorak, the vice president of marketing, explains that despite facing challenges like COVID-19 shortly after relocating, Plus Five has persevered and continues to thrive.

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Dvorak, who runs the business with her family members, emphasizes the importance of their family-oriented approach in setting Plus Five apart from its competitors. This personal touch is evident in their interactions with both dealers and direct customers. By providing assistance throughout the entire purchasing process, Plus Five ensures that customers find the best fit and style for their needs.

Customers can explore GryphonMoto products designed for street and adventure riders at Plus Five. The company aims to make high-quality gear accessible and affordable to all motorcycle enthusiasts, prioritizing safety in their products. With a focus on expanding their reach and recognition among riders, Plus Five sells to dealers across Canada and the U.S., gradually increasing their presence in the market.

Located in Orillia, Plus Five has benefited from the support of local dealers and businesses in the community. Dvorak mentions that having products available at Orillia Motorsports has been advantageous. As the motorsports industry gains popularity, especially among those seeking new recreational activities, Plus Five anticipates continued growth and success in the market.

Looking ahead, Dvorak envisions a bright future for Plus Five, aiming to establish the company as a prominent player in the industry. By maintaining their core values as a family business and prioritizing personalized customer service, Plus Five strives to expand their brand while upholding their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

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