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Recent Powerball Drawing Results

Iowa Powerball

Iowa Powerball

Over the weekend, an incredibly fortunate individual from Iowa secured a staggering $1 million from the Powerball drawing. The colossal $1.326 billion jackpot found its home with a ticket holder in Oregon.

Sold at Hy-Vee in Newton, the winning Iowa Powerball ticket managed to match five out of the six numbers required for the magnificent prize, as stated by the Iowa Lottery in a recent news release.

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Across the nation, a total of seven $1 million prizes were claimed, making this drawing an unforgettable event. The jackpot had been steadily building momentum over three months, setting a record for the longest consecutive series of drawings without a winner in the game’s history. This achievement marks the fourth-largest Powerball prize ever recorded and the eighth-largest in the annals of U.S. lotteries.

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Unforeseen Delay in Drawing

The much-anticipated drawing, originally scheduled for Saturday night, encountered an unexpected delay. The proceedings were pushed to approximately 2:30 a.m. on Sunday due to essential “pre-draw procedures” that had not been concluded, as reported by the Urbandale-based Multi-State Lottery Association, the governing body overseeing the game.

Significant Contributions from Iowans

In support of the Powerball drawing, Iowans collectively invested around $2.4 million in ticket purchases. The winning combination of numbers revealed during the draw were 22-27-44-52-69, with the Powerball number being 9. Additionally, the Power Play number associated with the draw was 3.

Article Contribution: USA Today

Written by Kyle Werner, a dedicated reporter at the Register. Contact him at [email protected].

This article was originally published on Des Moines Register: Iowan clinches $1 million in thrilling Powerball drawing, narrowly missing the jackpot by just one number.

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