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Sir Richard’s Involvement in Minecraft for Ukraine Fundraising

By Martin Kimber, reporter

Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin, has taken a stand against companies operating in Russia, accusing them of supporting Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine. He criticized these companies for indirectly aiding Putin’s war machine through their business dealings in Russia.

This issue gained attention after Sky News reported that British car manufacturers were potentially bypassing sanctions by selling luxury cars to Russia through former Soviet states. Companies like Rolls Royce and Bentley have refuted these claims.

Sir Richard, along with other business leaders, signed a letter stating they would only consider resuming business activities in Russia once the hostile operations ceased. He also urged European governments to provide more support to Ukraine financially and militarily.

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Branson emphasized the importance of the private sector in rebuilding Ukraine, acknowledging that business will play a crucial role in the country’s recovery. He highlighted the need for a collaborative effort across all sectors to aid in rebuilding Ukraine’s infrastructure and economy.

In his role as an ambassador for UNITED24, a charity supporting Ukraine’s rebuilding efforts, Branson emphasized the collective commitment needed from various sectors to help Ukraine recover.

As part of a fundraising initiative for Ukraine, Sir Richard has been integrated as a playable character in the popular game Minecraft. The charity aims to raise funds for rebuilding a school in Ukraine by featuring Branson in Minesalt, a game within Minecraft.

Although Branson sold his video games division in the ’90s, he expressed excitement about being included in Minesalt and sharing the experience with his grandchildren. When asked about potentially re-entering the gaming market, he hinted at Virgin’s disruptive nature and left the possibility open.

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