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# Seeking Guidance on Flight Compensation Dispute Resolution

Dear Redditors,

## Sharing Recent Travel Experience and Seeking Guidance

I am reaching out to share my recent travel ordeal and seek advice on how to navigate the aftermath. My journey from São Paulo to London, which included a layover in Germany, was marred by a canceled connecting flight. The ensuing delays and inconveniences proved to be quite distressing.

## Legal Actions Taken and Current Challenges

In a bid to seek redress, I attempted to contact the airline to no avail and pursued resolution through an online mediation service, all to no avail. Eventually, I opted to initiate a claim with the HM Courts and Tribunals Service Civil Money Claims. Much to my surprise, the airline failed to respond, leading to a court ruling in my favor.

## Difficulties in Claiming Compensation

However, despite the court’s ruling in my favor, I now find myself grappling with the challenge of actually receiving the compensation owed to me. While I have in my possession the decision letter from the court, I am uncertain about the necessary steps to follow to secure the awarded compensation.

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## Seeking Assistance from London Residents

I am a resident of London and would greatly appreciate any insights or advice from fellow Redditors on the best course of action to ensure I receive the compensation rightfully owed to me.

Best regards,

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  • maroonneutralino

    Which airline and where are they based?

  • Mdann52

    Is the airline UK, EU or based somewhere else? I’m guessing this might be LH?

    How much roughly is the judgement for?