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## Lack of Information for Unique Circumstances of Care Leavers

I am aware of the extensive support available for care leavers, but I am unable to find any information that pertains to my specific situation. Both of my parents have passed away, and it was stipulated in their will that I would reside with a family friend. I wasn’t formally fostered or adopted; rather, I was simply bequeathed to this individual.

Despite being over 18 but under 25, I am unsure about whether I am entitled to any of the assistance and resources that are typically provided to care leavers. I feel confused and isolated in this legal grey area.

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  • KaleidoscopicColours

    It sounds like you were looked after under a testamentary guardianship. As far as I’m aware, it wouldn’t make you a care leaver as you weren’t in the care of the local authority. 

    But – it’s fairly clear that you’ve had an experience growing up that’s fairly similar to that a child growing up in care would have. It’s also clear you don’t have parents that can support you etc. 

    It’s fairly common for social services to try and place children in “kinship care” – living with extended family or friends – as an alternative to foster care. Often this arrangement is [formalised under a Special Guardianship Order]( – did this happen to you?

    I think it’s also possible your situation may have counted as [private fostering](

    If you’re thinking of trying to access the support from universities, then (as someone who has worked in universities) then I would really encourage you to speak to them, explain your situation, and ask what support is available. Universities are generally falling over themselves to help care leavers, and they may be willing to include you in that. To give just one example: 

    >Kinship care

    >If you have been brought up by a relative or friend through a formal arrangement (for example, fostering or a Special Guardianship Order) you are considered as living ‘in care’ and are typically eligible for support as a care leaver.

    >If your kinship care arrangements are informal (that is, you are not considered ‘in care’) you may be eligible for support as an estranged student.

  • Full_Traffic_3148

    No, you were not under the care of the local authority.

  • Connect-Expression38


  • UnpredictiveList

    Care leaver benefits usually are ring fenced for between 16-18 year olds.

    I.e. supplying funds to furnish a house, a loan for a deposit or paid education.