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Meta AI Forum Study on Artificial Intelligence

Meta recently announced that participants in a forum it hosted on artificial intelligence came away with a more positive opinion of AI’s potential impact. The company also revealed its intentions to organize more such forums in the future.

The announcement was made as part of a study conducted by Meta in collaboration with Stanford University. The forum involved participants receiving information about AI from a diverse group of “experts, academics, and other stakeholders” and engaging in discussions on AI chatbot policy proposals.

The results from the October 2023 Meta Community Forum, presented in partnership with Stanford’s Deliberative Democracy Lab, showed that 49.8% of American participants had a positive view of AI’s impact. Following their participation in the forum, this percentage increased to 54.4%, reflecting a 4.6% rise in positive attitudes towards AI.

Additionally, the forum included participants from Brazil, Germany, and Spain. Participants from these countries already held strong positive feelings towards AI, with a significant majority expressing positive views both before and after the forum. Interestingly, more participants from these countries reported prior use of ChatGPT or similar chatbots compared to American participants.

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Meta’s Involvement in AI Products

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, has already introduced generative AI products like Imagine, which can generate images from text prompts. The company has integrated Meta AI chatbots into its services, with some chatbots featuring celebrity faces like TikTok influencer Charli D’Amelio.

However, Meta is also aware of the negative implications of generative AI. Recent incidents involving AI-powered deepfake apps promoted on Meta’s platforms have raised concerns about privacy and ethical use of AI technology.

AI Policy Discussions

The AI forum held by Meta and Stanford focused on policy questions related to generative AI, particularly AI chatbots. Participants deliberated on topics such as the boundaries of AI-human relationships, sources of information for chatbots, and the importance of transparency in chatbot interactions.

Key concerns identified in the discussions included AI bias, misinformation, and potential human rights violations. Participants emphasized the need for user control over data access, privacy protection, and transparency in how data is used by tech companies.

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