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**Seeking Help with SSDI for 100% Veteran**

Hello everyone,

I am reaching out to see if anyone has experience applying for SSDI as a 100% veteran and successfully had their application expedited. My husband and I initially applied for SSDI when he was not yet rated 100%, but since then he has been granted 100% disability. We informed our lawyer to update the Social Security Administration (SSA) with this information and request expedited processing of his claim. However, despite these efforts, we have not heard anything back from SSA and the process seems to be at a standstill.

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  • agulde28

    All SSA does is upload the information and provide it to DDS, so it’s out of their hands. I would contact DDS (disability determination services) directly and let them know. Even “expedited” cases can take a while due to backlogs.

  • RickyRacer2020

    100% P&T means nothing / does nothing at the SSA except get you to the front door of Step 3 a bit quicker.

    The applicant will then still go thru the full blown evaluation process Steps 3 to 5 like everyone else whereby, the alleged condition will be evaluated, verified, prognosis established and most importantly, the Residual Function Capacity Abilities will be established that rate / determine the applicant’s functional ability to Work.

    The process of doing all this and getting a decision on it, including going to multiple SSA exams, is about 10 months to a year and has a historical Denial Rate of 70%.

    Watch this video from a doctor who does SSA Disability Exams: [](

  • Accomplished_Tour481

    100% VA rating is no where near a SSDI decision. The VA decision is only about military job. SSA is about any occupation Military, private or governmental, that through your education and experience, can perform.

  • Traditional_Crazy904

    I am not a veteran and don’t work for SSA but I deal with veterans everyday and the law firm I work for helps many of them obtain a 100% rating. I am a bit surprised that it allows them to be expedited for SSDI since a 100% P&T rating doesn’t necessarily mean they can’t work. In fact several of my clients have a P&T rating and still work full time.

  • yemx0351

    There is a special flag. It might get a decision faster it might not.

  • Available_Ad_3667

    I’m 100% P&T, TDIU, SMC-S. I hired a lawyer to help with my SSDI claim, filed July 2023. Last time I checked, it’s at 90% of medical records review, which was started on Oct 30th, 2023. They estimated 5 months to completion. While they missed the mark, it’s not by much.

    Maybe it’s because I lawyered up, but I feel my case has been fast tracked, maybe due to my chronic cancer, maybe not. It all went pretty quickly, but i dodnt see any change or even hear much from my lawyer after i sent them my SMC-S award letter to add to my claim file.

    Compared to some of the people talking about their SSDI claims taking years, I have nothing to complain about.

    Was I fast tracked? No idea. I didn’t ask or do anything to specifically apply to be fast tracked, maybe my lawyers did. I haven’t asked.

    Good luck with you claim, hope you get the best outcome.

  • black_beard762

    Who’s the low life that keeps downvoting questions and comments?

  • allnutznodik

    I am 100PT SMC, 100CRSC, SSDI here. From date of filing to date of back pay for SSDI was 16months.

    First off expediting the process isn’t a great thing as it is laid out to be, as you won’t get the same length look as non-expedited claims. There is a brilliant human being who worked for SSA and now has ventured on her own to do the same, helping vets with SSA. u/mrsflamethrower listen to her word for word.

    Now that is out of the way, denials are built into the system. Wrong form, not dated correctly, blah blah will get denied. The VA will absolutely take their time helping get your medical information to DDS/SSA and that will be a denial. You must take your case into your own hands, you deliver your medical information to the SSA not leave it for them to find.

    I never saw a medical examiner, I never had an exam, I only spoke to the SSA once, when they sent me a form which the return date had already passed, so I called the contact number and we settled on a date which was feasible to be returned to them, which was entered into my file.

    That was it. I’m not sure why mine was so fast or easy, but it was literally easier than VA process, tbh. It almost scares me like they messed up and swapped my file with someone else’s. <—-that’s a joke, I more than met the requirements as stated in the SSA blue book and I gave them all documents on a silver platter.

    Good luck.