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**Dealing with Harassment from Partner’s Ex Regarding Child Custody Matters**

Victoria is currently facing a situation where her partner is taking his ex to court for child custody matters. Despite the fact that the situation and topic are unrelated to her, Victoria finds herself bombarded with calls from the ex every time there is an issue. This unwanted communication is not only exhausting but also interferes with her daily life.

The ex, who happens to be a private investigator, seems to be using different phone numbers to make these calls, making it impossible for Victoria to simply block her number. Frustrated and at the end of her rope, Victoria is considering taking out a restraining order to put a stop to the harassment.

However, she is conflicted about the potential consequences of such a decision. Would a restraining order affect the ex’s license to work as a private investigator? Victoria does not want to harm the ex’s career but also feels she has no other choice to protect herself from the continuous unwanted calls.

Furthermore, changing her phone number is not an ideal solution for Victoria, as her phone is linked to all her information and doing so would be a major inconvenience.

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  • Worth-Letterhead3230

    It makes no difference what her job is. If she is harassing you, get a restraining order

  • Single-Ninja8886

    Get a restraining order and it’ll shut her right up. As a PI she (should) know it doesn’t matter if she changes the number.

  • BouyGenius

    My lawyer had an order filed against them – from a client’s ex and didn’t bother to respond/appear so it went through. Didn’t seem to affect his life/profession in anyway.

  • Particular-Try5584

    Let all unknown numbers go to message bank. Now you have a recording of her voice right?
    Then yes, take out a restraining or harrassment order.

    The ‘nice’ thing to do is warn her you plan to do that. And then start recording all calls from unknown numbers for a while… keep any that are her. I know it’s frustrating to have to screen your calls.

    Another option is to use a call screening service – have your mobile divert to a virtual receptionist for whatever hours you choose, all calls answered by the ‘receptionist’ who then sends you work messages to return calls. Popular with people who don’t have a real office and just work remotely.

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  • IDontFitInBoxes

    Just get the order in place.
    You have rights and I guarantee all of this will eventually chip away at you.

    Same thing happened to me and now I have PTSD from her behaviour.

    Look after yourself first.

  • muso44

    I would warn her first to desist with the calls to you otherwise you will be taking out a restraining order against her. If she chooses to ignore this or think you are bluffing then it is on her head whatever happens from there.

  • ARX7

    Menace and harrass by carriage service.

    Either call up on the non emergency line or walk into the station

  • Asleep_Winner_5601

    What do you mean by blows up your phone when they have an issue? Is there a reasonable enough reason she is trying to contact you in the circumstances? Or are you being threatened?

    You say it’s their matter and has nothing to do with you but it’s never ever that simple. You could really complicate the child care arrangements by seeking a protection order that could make it impossible for your partner’s ex to drop off and pick up children during change overs if you live at the same address.