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## Family Dispute Over VA Benefits

Someone in my family recently discovered that I am receiving VA benefits. Unfortunately, they hold strong beliefs that anyone receiving money from the government is a burden on taxpayers. This disagreement quickly escalated to the point where they accused me of fraudulently obtaining these benefits, despite my compliance with all necessary appointments and requirements. They believe that I should feel ashamed for accepting money that they believe I do not truly need.

Given the situation, it has become evident that this family member is not open to reason and is motivated by emotions rather than facts. They have taken the extreme step of filing a VA fraud claim against me, which is causing unnecessary stress and turmoil within our family.

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Despite my consistent compliance with all requirements and the support I receive through VA benefits, this family member remains adamant in their accusations. It is frustrating to constantly defend myself against baseless claims, especially when my medical records clearly demonstrate the necessity of these benefits.

As I navigate this difficult situation, I am hopeful that the AI Legalese Decoder can assist in bridging the communication gap and providing clarity on the legal intricacies surrounding VA benefits. I remain committed to upholding the truth and showcasing the legitimacy of my claims, despite the unwarranted doubts cast by this family member.

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  • wolfmaster177

    This is why you don’t tell anyone. I’m only telling my wife and my mom. (My mom is a lawyer who told me to file)

  • Bad_News425

    Sad to say but I use to judge a book by its cover. I’d see someone with DV plates and they would look “fine” to me. Someone finally explained to me that I have no clue what’s going on inside that person’s head and body. That story aside, unless the person that reported you has some hard evidence, f’em. I’m sure the VA didn’t just hand you a free rating. Either you had the necessary records and evidence or they put you through a 1000 paces to validate your claim. Enjoy what you are entitled to but keep it to yourself as much as possible.

  • Street_Biscotti7931

    First off , you need to completely disown that family member. I’d never speak to them again. They are literally trying to criminally prosecute you . Second, if the evidence is in your record, I wouldn’t worry about it . But honestly, I’d tell that family member that they are literally dead to me .

  • Kindly-Arachnid-7966

    And people ask me why the term “family” means so little to me. It really is your own people that does the worst possible shit.

  • dallymarieee

    If our government can give thousands, millions, of our tax dollars to other countries to fund their wars and secure their borders… you can collect money that is yours. The government signed a contract to take care of you in return for your life. You served, now they can pay up. You did nothing wrong.

  • Eviljake979

    It’s a problem we have in American society where anyone who needs assistance is considered a leach or lazy or bad. Whatever. The whole “welfare queen” stereotype comes to mind.

  • Forsaken-Ad-7800

    Fuck what ppl say the recruiter was open for them too. Everybody is different but they were too scared to join. You don’t owe them any explanation now eat your large fry and shake lol

  • AntLordVadr

    They could’ve served too ya know. You should tell them that. 🤷🏻‍♂️ don’t be ashamed. Thank you for serving and rest up.

  • AccomplishedWatch984

    What bullshit. I’m sorry to hear this. Vets deserve every penny of their benefits. Please take care of yourself.

  • Potential_Ostrich_18

    One of my aunts got mad at me during a debate and she knew I endured MST trauma and she said “Didn’t the Navy kick your ass out?” That was the last time I talked to her. It’s my dad’s sister and my dad hasn’t talked to her since then because my parents had to pick up the pieces of my MH after my trauma. This happened like 19 years ago. Please hang in there. Don’t let them hurt you. You deserve better even if it is family.

  • Junkyard_warrior1989

    You should show them what their tax money pays for: cocaine for quails, condoms for lesbians, etc etc

  • Strong__Style

    They can’t find out if you don’t discuss it to anyone.

  • SecAdmin-1125

    Repeat after me STFU. Nobody needs to know. If asked, I tell them I’m a consultant which is true. Have a regular full time job and then do cyber security consulting on the side.

  • Rob_Urb

    I say this time after time – family sucks! They’re the first to talk down to you, first to ask for money, first to disappoint you!

  • unstopable_bob_mob

    I wish I could meet this person, so that I can shove my fist down their throat.

    Fuck this person.

    Not all disabilities are fucking visible.

  • Rondotf

    This is sickening ! You should file a civil suit back for this. This is outrageous.

  • Mountain-Day-9791

    Wow! a family member? What a douchebag. The money was already set. Aside the day you joined the military. Don’t let him get you down

  • crazycarl36

    Fuck him/her. You served and they didn’t. You risked your life for your country and they didn’t. They could have walked into the recruitment office and signed up but they didn’t. They’re just jealous and taking it out on you. They don’t know what you went through, only you and your unit know that. Don’t forget that! Semper Fi!

  • WaifuWarsVet69H

    There has to be some kind of “malevolent intent’ protection for vets that needs to be implemented. The VA shouldn’t even acknowledge complaints like this that are just obviously trying to hurt the veteran. And yeah unfortunately this is why you don’t tell anyone who doesn’t need to know, even those who “need to know” sometimes don’t need to know from what I’ve seen but idk maybe that’s just cuz I domt trust anyone anymore

  • Glittering-Stuff-599

    Isn’t he wasting government time and taxpayer dollars by making an unfounded fraud claim?

  • Some_dude_in_210

    This person is not your family…..

  • RevolutionPristine36

    Don’t worry about it. You’re legit and not committing fraud, so forget about them. It’s yet another example why we shouldn’t talk about our benefits. I know I’d tell people to go fuck themselves. 😠

  • Responsible-Annual21

    Wow. I’m really sorry for you that your family filed a fraud complaint against you. That being said, it’s only fraud if you lied to get money. So, you don’t need to do anything, you don’t have to talk to anyone. You have medical records and the BA determined your disability. That’s all your family needs to know, if you feel inclined to share anything.

  • MatchIll9271

    You owe people zero explanation about your income, benefits, or disability. It would likely be worth while to disconnect from such a toxic individual. You just might live longer🤣

  • Melodic-Average6241

    F em

  • FBIsecretNinja

    No need to stress. Va barely has time to review claims what makes you think they have time to review all the fraud complaints. Plus, someone can look and act perfectly fine… dont mean shit.

  • Iwannagolf4

    Tell them to ask congress and the senate about their ppp loans affecting their taxes. Or the farmers or corporations. It’s the single mother and veterans are the problem.

  • Either_Writer2420

    Tell your family members that if they feel that way then they will be the biggest Hypocrites on earth if they claim their social security benefits one day.

  • landlockedlobstah

    I also think civilians don’t understand that va disability doesn’t prevent you from working necessarily. Some people think it works the same as SSDI/SSI where it really limits your income and you can have 100% SCD and be working making 100k a year. Your medical records and exams support your rating.

  • Dwanyelle

    I had a few people try to dig into whether I deserved my rating or not, so I proceeded to dig up the nastiest, gory war stories I had, to show I had some fucked up experiences that fucked me up.

    Folks stop asking after that

  • xboxhaxorz

    > Hurt people hurt people

    Hurt people choose to hurt people


    Remove them from your life if they file a fraud claim on you, wait for the fraud team to contact you or not, im sure they are aware that a lot of people make the claim due to jealousy

  • SkinnyToadOnCrimson

    That is a shame. Sorry you are going through this. Civilians just DO NOT Understand. They should go to the recruitment office and sign up and serve. Then they will get the benefits you get that “you don’t need” 🙄 I hope everything turns out okay… Personally, I’d cut this person out of my life. Life is too short for the toxic, negative people to stay in your life. Best of Luck!

  • tatiana1943

    Like others have said just don’t tell people. It’s not worth the hassle. Unless you are literally missing both arms and legs people are gonna say shit. I even get shit about using the GI BILL.

  • igotta-name

    If your family member can’t take your word for it they don’t deserve any further explanation. Hold your head high and live your life!✌️

  • Careful_Remove1018

    This was my aunt on a Sunday. She knows I receive benefits and tried this. You don’t have to get down and nasty a simple no will suffice.

  • SignificantOption349

    No contact with that family member now. Do not speak to them again. Fuck em. Let them file that complaint…. You’re going to your appointments and doing what you need to do. I’m about positive I got investigated in a similar situation…. Nothing came of it. Actually got an increase for the first time after 13 years even after that. Go to your appointments and take care of yourself. And seriously, whoever it is in your family can eat a bag of dicks. It sounds like your ratings are warranted and you’re getting the proper care as best you can. So long as that’s the case you should be fine.

  • The__Nez

    You may need to go to court to place a restraining order if this person keeps harrasing you.

  • lovins22

    You can always counter by fucking his wife. He’s treating you like you did anyway.

  • MissFox_nsfw

    That super blows and I hope you come to your senses and realize not all blood is family. And bluntly tell them your methods of income are not their problem. And if they persist say you lied and you actually have an onlyfans 🤣. But please keep us updated with how the fraud claim pans out. Someone else in here said a “friend” was trying to get them to renounce there comp or he would do the same thing. Salty ass people.

  • Street_Biscotti7931

    I have zero problem with OIG looking into my ratings. I’ve had most of them since I ETS’ed and all direct service connections with in service evidence

  • Tio_Almond420

    If all that you claimed is documented, X-rays, doctor visits, service connection, buddy letters and etc. You have nothing to worry about.

    If the VA does decide to investigate you, and after the investigation it is proved that his claims is false.

    This may fall under defamation and/or malicious intent to cause harm.

    You can take them to court for this and break them in court. Consult with a lawyer for more info, and look up laws in defamation, and malicious intent to cause harm.

    Not going to get into details here, it’s way more complex on both ends.

    But it is good to know.

  • bardockOdogma

    You should’ve agreed with everything they said, then at the end do a Theo Von laugh saying, Imma get this money though!

  • Dankeesha

    How did he find out about your VA benefits. It parallels that of income, private medical information, etc. I don’t tell anyone about any of that stuff because it’s private, so I damn sure won’t do it about money that appears to be “free” to regular civilians who don’t actually understand the VA rating system or how disability compensation works. I follow this girl on instagram from my time in the military who brags about receiving VA benefits, even has told people what her rated conditions are which include her hips and back. She also regularly posts videos of herself doing choreograph dancing in studios. My advice is don’t get too comfortable around anyone, because it appears that someone has told whoever this family member is. If they are curious about your extra income, just say its from strategic investments you’ve made, crypto (Doge, Shib, Bitcoin, etc. have all done well) past savings, etc.

  • Desperate_Garbage_63

    Why do people care? We served and got messed up, we need medical care. I can barely use my left arm, can’t lift anything over 25lbs. Screw people who pass judgment

  • schlott1971

    It’s crucial to remember the importance of confidentiality when it comes to sensitive information like your VA benefits. Sharing details about your benefits with others, especially those who may not understand or appreciate the circumstances surrounding them, can unfortunately lead to misunderstandings or even malicious actions, as you’ve experienced. Moving forward, it’s wise to be selective about whom you share this information with, ensuring that you only disclose it to individuals who genuinely support and understand your situation. While it’s unfortunate that you’ve had to learn this lesson difficultly, it’s a valuable reminder to safeguard your privacy and protect yourself from unwarranted scrutiny or judgment. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you feel pressured to disclose information about your VA benefits, remember that you have the right to keep that information private. Your benefits are meant to support you, and you shouldn’t feel obligated to justify or defend them to anyone who questions their legitimacy without cause. In summary, while it’s important to address misunderstandings and educate others about the value of VA benefits, it’s equally important to prioritize your privacy and only share information with those who truly have your best interests at heart.

  • DM_c137

    This feels like defamation and/or malicious prosecution. I’d consider going after them for intentionally filing a a false fraud claim.

  • lookabrownbear

    I’m a pretty petty person, I would buy the most lavish waste of money you I could and rub it in their face

  • Dazipster1

    With them doing that I wonder if they can be sued and have charges against them because whatever investigation happens and you are cleared then there in some shit

  • big_nasty_the2nd

    Yeah id speak with an attorney bro, this could have serious consequences if it somehow goes through. A cease and desist from a lawyer will probably make them redact their claims