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## Situation Overview

My mother, at age 77, is displaying signs of dementia, which she has been trying to conceal. Recently, I discovered that she had accumulated nearly $40,000 in credit card debt, wiping out her savings. Despite consolidating the debt into a loan, she is under immense financial strain and attempting to take on additional work to make payments. However, her cognitive decline is hindering her ability to work effectively.

## Financial Dilemma

Considering my mother’s circumstances, I am contemplating the idea of defaulting on the loan and abandoning her credit obligations. While this decision seems drastic and unethical, I am curious about the potential repercussions for her financial situation. Her modest savings are held in an IRA, and with her inevitable reliance on social security benefits, she may need to move in with one of her children due to her ongoing challenges living independently.

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  • GeorgeRetire

    Does she own a home? She may want to sell, or look into a reverse mortgage.

  • Werewolfdad

    > Would it be crazy to do this?

    No, its pretty common, more so if she’s judgement proof. That said, it may take some time for her creditors to get around to suing her and she may have run down her savings to make her essentially judgement proof

  • Geochk

    Contact They are helpful with seniors/disabled and debt. They will help for free if she is low income.