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## Seeking Help for Mental Health Issues

I want to express my gratitude to the members of this Benefits sub who openly discuss their PTSD and other mental health challenges. Your honesty and openness have inspired me to take action and seek help.

With several years of relying on Prozac and Welbutrin, I have recently noticed a decline in their effectiveness. This prompted me to reach out to the VA today to schedule an appointment and work towards improving my mental well-being.

At first, I hesitated to inform the VA about my depression, fearing potential repercussions. However, after seeking therapy at a county mental health office and eventually disclosing my mental health struggles to my primary physician, I was able to access medication through the VA.

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## Pursuing Better Treatment Options

Despite not being violent or suicidal, I am dissatisfied with the person I have become and aspire to enjoy my remaining years as a “Boomer.” While I am open to therapy, my primary focus is exploring alternative medications that could provide more effective relief.

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## Addressing Sexual Health Concerns

In addition to mental health issues, I am also grappling with erectile dysfunction and its repercussions on my sexual health. The openness of others sharing their experiences has encouraged me to seek medical assistance and address the physical and emotional impact of this condition.

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## Gratitude for Supportive Community

I am grateful for the support and understanding from this community. Your willingness to share your struggles has made a significant difference in my willingness to seek help and prioritize my well-being. Together, we can support each other on the journey towards healing and improvement.

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  • PlasticMysterious622

    You’d want someone you loved to get help, I’m so glad you’re loving yourself enough to get the help you need. It’s hard, but it’s good to get it out and talk about it with someone who may not be able to relate, but can listen.

  • SnooMuffins7396

    I just messaged my VA doc last week for peepee magic beans and they instantly prescribed some with no qualms or questions.

    The only way I can have enjoyable sex anymore is to get high as shit, and I like being sober sometimes 😂

    Haven’t tried them out yet but hoping it does the same as getting high…without the getting high part.

    I also started being much more open with people who never served that are truly interested to hear real stories and I can share some of them which has helped me process them and understand it further.

    Still have those good and bad days, but just keep chugging along!

  • Excellent-Let-2263

    Glad you are getting help. Your mental health is more important then anything elses

  • tennessee_dan

    Wish I could multiple up vote this post. This sub let’s me know I’m not the only one.

  • Seabeefester

    Yep, I went for help, too. I asked for the magic beans because all the meds I’m on caused my shit to not work properly. I finally convinced myself that if im gonna fail at life, im not going without a fight. Some of the most successful people have failed and learned from it. I wanna be successful, I want my junk to work, I want to date, I want a life. I chose to make myself better. I am still alive and I want to live!

  • sgtkiwi72

    You’re not alone brother. I was a competitive shooter on active duty (30 years ago) and carried that over into my civilian carreer (LE). I have trophys and medals galore to show for it. I am, however also a conspiracy nut. I’ve always been concerned about the “list”… Well, yesterday I had my first MH appt. with a VA provider. At some point, we have to realize what is most important.

  • Hefty-Lecture-1859

    You’ll break through this, Congrats!

  • RaiderMedic93

    Speak with someone knowledgeable about claims…

    But… I’m pretty sure it’s conditions you got during service, or conditions that were aggravated by your service.

  • Helmett-13

    Welbutrin inflicted mild ED and aggravated my tinnitus. It also (according to my wife) made me edgy. I went off of it.

    The ED eventually faded away but the tinnitus hasn’t gone back down and it drives me bananas.

    At least I’m aware of my demons so I can keep my hands around their necks and when I feel pressure from them I can *squeeeeze* back.

  • The-Kabul-Krunch

    I have been a knucklehead on this page because of my mental health issues. It appears it is one of the more difficult pages to be banned from. Obnoxious alcoholism is easy to spot by the moderators apparently.

  • vger2000


    That’s all I got. Have and had many of same feelings.

    7 years past diagnosis and still going on.

    Glad you feel better apt getting what you earned.

  • Mysterious-Abies6749

    I refuse to be this honest on my C&P or any appointments and possibly get held by baker act.

  • Top-Ant-121

    Congrats to you … took me along time to go for help , because stuff like this and ( at the time ) dysfunctional ( now disgruntled) veterans …. Guess it’s our generations vfw. You know since those are all full of social members and no vets lol … I swear im like the only vet at my legion lol

  • gotanyhelp

    Hell yeah, stay the course.