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Initiative to Help Small Businesses Obtain XBE Certification

Leading up to NBA All-Star Weekend, the Pacers Foundation launched an initiative to help 24 small businesses obtain a special XBE certification. This certification is aimed at boosting local businesses owned by minorities, women, veterans, or disabled individuals. The goal was to make the 2024 All-Star Weekend the most diverse and inclusive in NBA history.

Duane Conwell, the Senior Director of Procurement and Supplier Diversity for Pacers Sports and Entertainment, led the efforts of a committee to ensure the success of this initiative. She believes that supporting small businesses in this way can have a significant positive impact on the community and the event.

To achieve this goal, the Pacers Foundation organized workshops and seminars to assist small businesses in obtaining the XBE certification. These events helped connect businesses with the certifying bodies and provided guidance on gathering and filing the necessary documentation for certification.

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In addition, the AI legalese decoder can provide ongoing support to the 29 small businesses that have already received XBE status. By offering continued guidance and assistance, this tool can help these businesses maximize the benefits of their certification and continue to thrive in their respective industries.

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