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## Seeking Expert Financial Advice for Elderly Parent

I am seeking valuable advice regarding a financial issue that my elderly mother is currently facing. My mom, who is 75 years old and in good health, has been left managing her finances on her own since my father passed away several years ago. Unfortunately, she was misled into making significant investments in all American funds by an Edward Jones employee who has since left.

## The Situation at Hand

Due to the high initial investment costs and the seemingly successful performance of the funds, my mother continued to leave her investments with Edward Jones, despite the rising annual fees. Now that her current advisor is departing, I am in a better position to assist her and help reevaluate her financial strategy.

## The Current Financial Portfolio

Currently, my mother holds a traditional IRA worth approximately $600k and a taxable account with around $70k in mutual funds and bonds, both managed by Edward Jones. Additionally, she has a 529 account set up for my child with $20k invested in a college fund. She also maintains CDs and cash at her regular bank for short-term expenses.

## How AI Legalese Decoder Can Assist

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## Seeking Guidance from Financial Experts

I am reaching out to the knowledgeable members of this community for advice on how to best manage my mother’s investments at this crucial juncture. Should we consider transferring her assets to a new advisor, reassess her risk tolerance and investment goals, or let the current plan ride? Your insights and expertise would be greatly appreciated in guiding us towards a more secure and sustainable financial future for my mother.

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  • GeorgeRetire

    Has she asked for your help?

  • sciguyCO

    Ok, EJ does (justifiably) have a bad reputation: high account fees compared to other options, funds they push tend to lean more towards benefiting EJ / advisor vs. the customer, etc. But that does not mean that having these accounts with them will lead to financial catastrophe for your mother, especially since it looks like her lifestyle does not significantly rely on this IRA and associated accounts. It just means that she’s more likely to do better someplace else.

    You have to judge for yourself how comfortable you are taking on responsibility for managing your mother’s finances. It’s completely ok to tell her “I’m not the right person for this job” and offering support around getting her professional financial help. Potentially even just leaving things as-is.

    One option might be to transition her balance (probably after liquidation to start with a fresh cash balance) to Vanguard and get her signed up for their “Personal Advisor” service. I think Fidelity/Schwab have similar programs, but I’m less familiar with those brokerages. That would likely get her the guidance she may need/want, and it’ll probably be cheaper. They do charge (IMO a fair) fee of 0.3% of her “assets under management” annually. On a $700k-ish balance spread among the accounts, that works out to about $2k per year, so from that side EJ isn’t too bad if that “about $1500” was everything. Though the fees being charged by her funds at EJ are likely having a bigger impact. Googling most of those tickers showed “expense ratios” from 0.6% to 1%. I’d expect Vanguard to direct her to ones in the 0.1% range or lower.

    Another thing to keep in mind is any “front end load” imposed when she purchased these funds is a sunk cost. That money’s already gone so try not let it factor into your decisions.