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Free Virtual Workshops to Support Entrepreneurs and Business Owners in North Dakota

The Jamestown Regional Entrepreneur Center (JREC) is organizing a series of free virtual workshops aimed at supporting entrepreneurs and business owners in North Dakota. These workshops will provide valuable insights from experienced entrepreneurs, information on state grant programs, and discussions on various topics including e-commerce, legal considerations, human resource benefits, and writing a business plan. The workshops will also introduce independent consultants to small business owners, who can provide additional support and guidance.

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JREC has been assisting businesses since August 2017, catering to different industries and stages of development. The center collaborates closely with the North Dakota Small Business Development Center Network and North Dakota Women’s Business Center to provide comprehensive support and resources to business owners.

The workshops are sponsored by the U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development and are open to entrepreneurs from North Dakota as well as out-of-state attendees. For those unable to attend the live sessions, recordings are available upon registration. The calendar of events and registration information can be found on the JREC website.

Upcoming JREC Virtual Workshops

  • Aug. 2: “Entrepreneurial Journey Discussion with Ciara Stokeland” (10-11 a.m.) – Learn from Ciara Stokeland about her experience starting online wholesale distribution and coaching businesses.
  • Aug. 8: “Entrepreneurial Journey Discussion with Katherine Pendergast of Kats Socks” (11 a.m.-12 p.m.) – Katherine Pendergast, owner of Kats Socks and an award-winning author, will share insights on starting a business in writing books.
  • Aug. 29: Day 1 of e-commerce series – “Excellence: Unlocking Revenue Streams and Reach” (11 a.m.-12 p.m.) – This training session will provide e-commerce businesses with strategies and tools to increase revenue and expand their reach.
  • Aug. 30: Day 2 of e-commerce series – “Thriving at Remote E-Commerce: Nail It Before You Scale It” (11 a.m.-12 p.m.) – Practical tips and strategies to create a successful e-commerce business from home.
  • Aug. 31: Day 3 of e-commerce series – “If You’re not Measuring You’re Not Marketing – Metrics That Matter” (11 a.m.-12 p.m.) – Learn about key marketing metrics and how to use them to optimize campaigns.
  • Sept. 13: “Entrepreneurial Journey Discussion with Shawn Brennan of Epitaph Innovations” (9-10 a.m.) – Join Shawn Brennan as he discusses starting an e-commerce business and participating in the Innovate ND program offered by the North Dakota Department of Commerce.
  • Sept. 28: “Intellectual Property Basics for Businesses” (1:10-2 p.m.) – Tom Kading and his team at Fargo Patent & Business Law will provide an overview of entities, intellectual property usage, and real-life examples of how businesses have protected and utilized intellectual property.
  • Oct. 4: “Canva Tutorial” with Morgan Palmer of Muse Design & Photography (9-10 a.m.) – Get a comprehensive tutorial on Canva, with a focus on brand marketing and social media.
  • Oct. 4: “Human Resource Benefits for Small Businesses” (12-12:45 p.m.) – Stroh and Associates will share valuable insights on human resource benefits for small businesses.

All workshops offered by JREC are free. Even if attendees are unable to participate in the live sessions, they can access recordings by registering for the workshops.

For more information and to register for workshops, visit the JREC website or follow JREC on Facebook.

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Kathy Steiner has been the editor of The Jamestown Sun since 1995. She graduated from Valley City State College with a bachelor’s degree in English and studied mass communications at North Dakota State University, Fargo. She reports on business, government, and community topics in the Jamestown area. Contact her at 701-952-8449 or [email protected].

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