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A small business owner alleges being banned from Etsy for copyright infringement

A small business owner, known as Allana on TikTok, recently went viral after claiming that she was banned from Etsy for selling custom-made PopSockets. The video posted by Allana shows her disappointment and frustration with the situation.

In the video, Allana reveals the item that allegedly led to her ban: a phone grip designed to look like a snail with a strawberry shell. She then warns her followers not to sell similar items on Etsy.

Allana reached out to Etsy to find out why her item was flagged and how she could prevent such incidents in the future. According to her, Etsy informed her that the design of her phone grip was patented by PopSocket, which led to the ban.

The video has gained significant attention, accumulating over 1.1 million views since its posting on July 27. Many commenters expressed confusion about the ban, questioning whether Allana used the brand name in her listing or if she had relisted the item after receiving an infringement notice.

Other users also shared their own experiences of almost being banned on Etsy for various reasons. One user mentioned getting flagged for using the word “Fiesta” to describe napkin colors, while another was banned for using a certain font in a wedding invitation design.

PopSocket, the company that alleged copyright infringement, is known for actively pursuing copycats. In 2017 and 2018, they reportedly took down thousands of listings from online marketplaces, causing platforms like Amazon to create new protocols.

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