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Stock Analysis: Nifty 50 Outlook for March 26

Stocks to buy: After three consecutive sessions of gains, Nifty 50 traded lower on Tuesday, March 26, amid weak global cues and the absence of fresh domestic triggers. This situation could lead to uncertainty in the stock market.

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Nifty50 opened at 21,947.90 against its previous close of 22,096.75 and touched its intraday low of 21,947.55. Around 11:30 am, the index was 0.26 per cent down at 22,038.85. This downward trend indicates the need for cautious investment strategies.

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V K Vijayakumar, Chief Investment Strategist at Geojit Financial Services believes the market may consolidate this week in the absence of any known triggers for sharp up or down moves. Since the week is a truncated week of three trading days, volumes have dipped markedly indicating the absence of a significant directional move, Vijayakumar pointed out. This lack of volatility may require a strategic approach to stock selection.

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According to Axis Securities, if Nifty crosses and sustains above the 22,200 level, it would witness buying, leading the index towards 22,300-22,500 levels. However, if the index breaks below the 21,900 level, it would witness selling, taking the index towards 21,800-21,600. These key levels provide important signals for investors to monitor and adjust their trading strategies accordingly.

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