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## Financial Overview of 20M E-3 with One Child

### Assets:

(Fidelity) Roth IRA: $7170.03 (VOO) (The individual is planning to lump sum an additional $7000 soon due to a high tax refund of $7167)


(Fidelity) Roth IRA: $14,168.85 (VOO) (Tax refund received and $7000 contribution made on 02/23/2024)


(Fidelity) Roth IRA: $22,647.20 (VOO) (IRA opened and funded under stay-at-home spouse)

HYSA: $15,672.93 (CITBANK 5% interest)


HYSA: $10,000 (Poppy Bank 5.50% APY)

TSP: $2,712.92 (recently changed investment from L Fund 2065 100% to 80% C fund and 20% S fund. Contribution at 5% with no matching yet due to joining in August 2022)

Taxable brokerage account: $1,694.97 (MooMoo, mostly VOO, a few selected stocks such as AMZN & TSLA)

Checking account: $2000

Joint account for stay-at-home wife: $300 (25% of paycheck allocated for personal use, remaining 75% for necessities and savings)

### Debt:

No current debt, revolving credit cards paid off monthly with no long-term impact. Plan to buy a home within the next 5 years with a credit score of 760.

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