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## Seeking Advice on Lowering Child Support Payments in Pennsylvania

I am currently in a situation where I am looking to lower my child support payments in the State of Pennsylvania. I am wondering if getting a second job would be a viable option and how it might affect the existing agreement that has been established through the courts.

I am currently working a full-time job and I have visitation rights to see my two children every other weekend. However, we do not have a formal custody order in place.

Asking for legal advice in this matter is crucial to ensure that any decisions made are in compliance with the law and do not jeopardize the well-being of the children involved.

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  • EndlessCrisis

    You can’t lower child support unless you get more custody of your child and pay for health insurance which they can credit you.

    Working a second job will mean paying more in child support since your income will increase.

  • SheepherderFit7084

    You will probably net less than half additional income of a second job.

    First, that job will b taxed at marginal rates for federal, state and local taxes. FICA will take out an additional 7.65%. So you might be looking at 40% of your second job’s pay gone right there.

    <commercial narrator voice>

    “But wait, there’s more!”

    The extra income now means paying more child support. Figure 55- 65% of your second job’s income sprouting wings..

    Here’s what to do — go full-bore Dave Ramsey and slash any unnecessary expenses and if you’re able to pay down debt, *do this*. If you lower expenses and especially if you get rid of a debt like a car payment or credit card debt, the extra cash flow is tax-free AND not subject to child support.

    That’ll leave more wiggle room in the budget and also help you spend more on your kids during the time you have them.

  • According-Action-757

    My ex moved in with a girlfriend and told the judge he was homeless. That worked.

  • SpareNegative7751

    You need an agreement. Over nights, who is paying for health insurance and childcare are factors in the calculations.