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## Questions Regarding Extra Incomes in Japan

Hi everyone, I have some questions about extra incomes in Japan. As a British man working as an English teacher in Japan, I am looking for ways to make additional money on the side while ensuring that I am following all legal requirements.

### Exploring Regulations on Extra Income

I have heard that there are allowances for earning extra income without the need to declare or pay taxes on it. Is this accurate information? If so, what are the specific limits or guidelines to follow? I plan to research this further online to confirm the details provided by a Japanese friend.

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### Overcoming Barriers in Entrepreneurial Activities

Aside from taxation, I am curious about any other potential barriers or restrictions when it comes to pursuing entrepreneurial activities or earning extra income in Japan.

#### Legal Considerations for Starting Business Activities

For example, if I were to start selling products on Shopify, would I be compliant as long as I accurately declare all income generated? Are there any limitations based on my visa type that I should be aware of? Do I need to obtain a special license or permit to engage in these types of business activities within Japan?

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Thank you for your assistance and guidance on these matters.

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  • fiyamaguchi

    From an income tax perspective you don’t have to declare any income under 200,000 yen. You are supposed to file a residence tax return, though.

    Whether you are able to do so under the terms of your visa, or whether your company allows you to engage in side work is a specific discussion for you to have with the relevant people.

  • Murodo

    Selling your own used stuff is different from trading/reselling commercial products which are always taxed (and also take care of VAT, bookkeeping to some extent and potential business licenses).

    In general, if you’re [below 20万]( a year with your side hustles that are categorized as “other/miscellaneous income”, you don’t have to pay taxes on it.

  • SGManto

    Everyone needs extra income these days 🙂

  • Haunting_Summer_1652

    Check for remote jobs.