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Kia ora, I’ve only just started learning about money so apologies if this is a really basic question.

I’ve recently switched my kiwisaver over to Pathfinder because, of all the options, it is the most ethical. This is important to me. They don’t invest in fossil fuels, animal cruelty, or factory farms – yay!

Now, kiwisaver aside, I want to start investing and I saw that Pathfinder also has managed funds. Their ‘green bond fund’ caught my eye, which exclusively invests in bonds allocated to green purposes.

Would it be a bad decision to invest in this Pathfinder fund, considering I already have my kiwisaver with them? I know it’s important to have money in multiple different places, does that mean I should find a different company to invest with? And, if I can’t find one as ethical as Pathfinder, would it be so bad to have multiple eggs in the same basket?

If it’s relevant, I own a little unit with a manageable mortgage. While I’m lucky enough to not be too worried about money, my income is quite low and I’m currently thinking of ways to increase it.

Thanks in advance 🙂

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  • bishopzac

    Do your research, some funds go pretty far to not invest in nuclear energy, weapons, and the adult industry, turns out it’s difficult to divide companies in to ‘ethical’ and ‘not’

    No issue having kiwisaver and other investments in the same sorts of places, eggs in the same basket used to be more of a concern before custodians came in

  • photosealand might be helpful. You can search for funds (not just kiwisaver) that are ethical in the way you care about.

  • Dramatic_Scale3002

    Directly in bonds only may not be suitable for you, as you sound quite young/new and if you have a long investment horizon then the vast majority of your funds should be in equities (shares of companies). That said, if you wanted to invest in a company with green credentials you can do that, including investing in green bond issues. Make sure you read up on what the green bonds will fund, so that the intended purposes align with your ethical goals.

  • bl4ck_100

    I just had a quick look at their funds.
    Sorry, but that is some suboptimal return for such high fees. 

    I recommend you taking a look at index funds, such as Simplicity and Kernel. They have much lower fees, while also have some funds that are ESG-influenced.
    Are they perfect? Nope. But I guess some are better than none.

  • wins0me

    Find a fund that suits your definition of ethical!

  • Obvious_Field3048

    Did you use mindful money to choose pathfinder? I was so surprised to see my so called ethical fund was investing in weapons companies and child labour

  • firstrestheadtail

    If you’re happy with Pathfinder, you see no reason not to go with them outside KiwiSaver as well.

    If you’re looking for passively managed ESG funds with lower fees, check out Kernel Wealth and Simplicity.

  • PabloPicassNO

    Diversity in portfolio is about the diversity of shares and investment types you are exposed to rather than diversity between difderent platforms ie different markets (NZ, US, Europe, Asia), different industries (tech, manufacturing etc), and different assets (shares, bonds, property, cash etc). If any one investment firm/platform provides you with exposure to these in a way that satisfies you, then that is good. If one provider is limited in exposure, then may be good to invest elsewhere also. Look into how Pathfinder invests, compare to other funds and review what you are more comfortable with. Be careful of your hard earned cash being invested all in NZ or US markets.

  • kjwellies1

    If you don’t want all your eggs in one basket you could have a look at MAS. They do KiwiSaver and have just started doing investments funds. They’re a mutual, invest in companies with green revenues and also put profits into their foundation to fund community health/wellbeing projects. Could suit what you’re looking for.

  • Upstairs_Pick1394

    Not investing in fossil fuels is dumb