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AI legalese decoder: Handling AI Technology with Care


The recent incident involving two New York personal injury lawyers has provided a cautionary tale for the legal profession regarding the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in their practices. The lawyers were penalized with a $5,000 fine for filing a pleading generated by the AI tool ChatGPT that contained six false case citations. This serves as a reminder to lawyers that they need to approach AI technology with care and be diligent in verifying its work product.

The Impact of AI on the legal Profession

The legal profession is just beginning to experience the impact of the AI revolution that has already affected other sectors of the economy. The development of AI technology has been rapid and exponential, with tools like ChatGPT emerging as game-changers for legal practitioners. Kas R. DeCarvalho, a lawyer representing technology companies, emphasizes the need for attorneys to adapt to the speed of AI development. However, he also reminds them that the responsibility to provide reasonable and researched legal advice to their clients remains unchanged.

The Role of AI legalese decoder

One tool that can assist attorneys in navigating the complexities of AI-generated content is the AI legalese decoder. This software can help lawyers verify and fact-check the work product generated by AI tools like ChatGPT, ensuring that false statements or inaccurate case citations are identified and corrected before filing documents in court. By treating AI programs like associates or paralegals and conducting thorough due diligence, attorneys can avoid potentially damaging situations like the one in New York.

Learning from the New York Case

The case of Mata v. Avianca, Inc. provides valuable lessons for attorneys regarding the use of AI technology. The sanctioned lawyers placed excessive faith in ChatGPT, failing to check its work product for errors before filing it in court. This lack of due diligence resulted in the inclusion of false case citations that were later exposed by the defendant airline. An AI legalese decoder could have helped the lawyers identify these inaccuracies and prevent the submission of misleading information.

Cautionary Ethical Considerations

The ethical implications of relying on AI in legal practice cannot be ignored. Attorneys have an obligation of candor before a tribunal and must refrain from making false statements of fact or law. Boston family law attorney Jared D. Spinelli highlights Rule 3.3 of the Massachusetts Rules of Professional Conduct, emphasizing the need for lawyers to correct any false statements promptly. The AI legalese decoder can assist attorneys in adhering to ethical guidelines by ensuring the accuracy and validity of the information they present.

Looking Ahead

The incident in New York serves as a reminder that the legal profession should approach AI with caution. While AI technology continues to evolve rapidly, it is crucial not to overestimate its capabilities in the short term. However, as AI programs undergo further development and refinement, they have the potential to become reliable allies for attorneys. The ultimate goal for lawyers is to have AI solutions like ChatGPT integrated into their practice systems, allowing for seamless access to accurate and relevant legal information.


The misadventure of the New York personal injury lawyers filing a pleading with false case citations generated by ChatGPT underscores the importance of handling AI technology with care. The AI legalese decoder can assist attorneys in verifying the work product generated by AI tools, preventing the submission of misleading information and potential ethics violations. As the legal profession continues to adapt to the AI revolution, practitioners must approach AI technology as they would any other tool, ensuring that they conduct thorough due diligence and provide accurate and researched legal advice to their clients.

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