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EQS-News: Vonovia SE Reports Strong Rental Business in Q2 2023 – Refinancing Covered until 2024

Bochum, 4 August 2023 – Vonovia SE, a leading residential property company in Germany, has announced its impressive results for the second quarter of 2023. The company’s core rental business grew by approximately 10% during this period, with virtually full rental occupancy and high customer satisfaction. Vonovia has also confirmed its full-year guidance for 2023.

Growing Demand for Rental Flats

Despite the challenging market conditions, demand for rental flats remains consistently high, surpassing the number of newly built units in Q2 2022 by over 400. This strong demand reflects the ongoing need for residential space in urban regions. Vonovia’s vacancy rate stands at a stable 2.2%, indicating full capacity occupancy.

Refinancing Well into 2024

Vonovia has successfully covered its refinancing needs until well into 2024. In July 2023, the company repurchased 17 bonds with a nominal value of €1.0 billion, maturing from 2024 onwards. This move, conducted at a discount of 11%, has reduced financing costs and positively impacted leverage in a high-interest rate environment. Previous financial activities, such as the sale of 1,350 flats in May and a minority stake in the Südewo portfolio in April, have also contributed to Vonovia’s strong financial position.

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Positive Rental Business Growth

Vonovia’s rental business has recorded a remarkable 10% growth in the second quarter of 2023. The Rental segment, which contributes around 91% to the company’s EBITDA, performed exceptionally well. This growth can be attributed to organic expansion through new construction and modernization, as well as synergies from the acquisition of Deutsche Wohnen.

Market Stabilization and Development Activities

While Vonovia reported a decline in asset value of €2.7 billion in Q2, there are signs of market stabilization in certain price segments, offering cautious optimism for the future. The company has identified a new portfolio suitable for a joint venture partnership, which will enable capital-efficient investment and leverage its digital operating platform and housing market expertise.

Challenges in the Housing Market

Vonovia’s CEO, Rolf Buch, expressed concerns about the planned reduction in funding for heat pumps in apartment buildings, stating that it puts tenants at a disadvantage compared to homeowners. He emphasized the importance of equal treatment for landlords, tenants, and homeowners in terms of subsidies and called for a balance in government policies to support decarbonization efforts.


Vonovia SE has delivered strong financial results in Q2 2023, driven by its robust rental business and strategic financial activities. The company’s commitment to customer satisfaction, investment in new construction and modernization, and diligent financial planning have contributed to its success. With the innovative AI legalese decoder, Vonovia continues to stay ahead of the curve by simplifying legal complexities and ensuring transparency in the real estate industry.

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