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## Full Financial Picture for 2023

I recently received my final tax document from Fidelity, allowing me to have a comprehensive view of my 2023 cash flow. The breakdown of my income, taxes/fees, and investments for the year is depicted in the image provided. Green represents income, red depicts taxes/fees, and blue signifies investments.

### Investments – A Banner Year

2023 proved to be a stellar year for investments, with a remarkable 26% gain in the S&P 500. Such significant growth is not the norm, and I view these investment increases as contributions to my future retirement accounts, rather than impacting my current year spending in any significant way.

### Low Spending Habits

My spending habits are notably frugal, as I do not have children and I do not indulge in particularly expensive hobbies. Moreover, my apparent spending is further reduced due to my knack for securing exceptional deals and value for money. For instance, through strategic purchases, I managed to receive $1200 in Google Store superfan credit during 2023, spent $800 of it on Google products, and sold the remaining credit for $500 cash. These unique spending tactics often result in seeming low, negative, or non-existent expenses in my overall spending total.

### Absence of Entertainment

External entertainment, such as concerts, is not a part of my lifestyle. However, I did splurge on front-row tickets for Hamilton when it toured my area in 2023. Interestingly, the net cost was negative as I acquired an extra ticket and sold it for a profit just before the event, thereby registering as a negative expense in my spending category.

### Limited Travel, Emphasis on Nature

While I eschew traditional vacations, I do indulge in weekly full-day hiking trips with my dog, along with occasional multi-day excursions. Every month, we embark on road trips to scenic locations far from home, choosing mountain towns as pit stops on the return journey. I derive greater satisfaction from these nature-focused trips compared to conventional European vacations. Although my travels typically exclude hotel stays, an upcoming trip to the Grand Canyon will necessitate lodging accommodations.

### Environmentally Friendly Choices

My electric and gas expenses are notably low thanks to solar energy powering my home and the moderate climate that minimizes my dependence on gas heating.

### Cost-Effective Phone Plans

I have optimized my phone expenses by exploring websites such as to identify budget-friendly plans that align with my usage requirements.

### Impact of High Taxes

Residing in a state with elevated taxes and property values has a substantial impact on my overall tax burden.

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