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Lakeside Farms: A Tradition of Quality for 75 Years

Three generations after its start, Lakeside Farms still treats every day like the first. The farm, which began in 1948 when Jeff PearceÔÇÖs grandparents bought the land, has grown and diversified over the years.

In its early days, Lakeside Farms made and sold apple cider. Today, under the management of Jeff, his wife Denise, and his brother Richie, they have expanded their offerings to include apple cider donuts, a breakfast and lunch menu, and a gift shop.

One of Lakeside Farms’ most successful creations is the apple cider donuts, first introduced by Jeff’s father in 1960. These delicious treats have gained popularity over the years and are now one of the farm’s biggest sellers.

Despite its growth, Lakeside Farms has always maintained a commitment to quality. Denise proudly states, “Quality has never changed,” and she enjoys seeing multiple generations of families coming in to enjoy their products.

The Pearces take great pride in the longevity of their business. Jeff, in particular, approaches each new day as if it were his first, ensuring that the quality of their products remains at its best and keeps customers coming back for more.

Lakeside Farms owes its success to its loyal customers. As soon as the closed sign is taken down, customers gather outside, eager to indulge in the farm’s delectable offerings. This unwavering devotion from customers is a testament to why Lakeside has thrived for 75 years.

While Jeff has been an integral part of Lakeside Farms for most of his life, he is gradually stepping back from his duties. However, he has full confidence in the individuals taking on his roles, ensuring that the farm will continue to thrive under their capable hands.

As Lakeside Farms celebrates its 75th anniversary, it extends its gratitude to all the customers, whether new, old, or generational, for their unwavering support and contributions to its remarkable success.

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This story appeared on page 8 of the July 26, 2023 print edition of Spotlight on Business

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