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AI Legalese Decoder: Providing Clarity and Support in Times of Layoffs


In light of recent events, I find myself facing a situation I have never experienced before. The title of this post encapsulates my current predicament quite well. I am overwhelmed by a whirlwind of emotions as I process the news of being laid off due to the company downsizing. Amidst this uncertain period, I have contacted HR to obtain my Record of Employment (ROC) in order to apply for unemployment benefits. Simultaneously, I have begun the arduous task of searching for new job opportunities. While a part of me no longer feels upset, considering my prior desire to resign during my two-year tenure, I find myself grappling with feelings of stress and frequent bouts of uncontrollable tears. Irrationally, I can’t help but blame myself for this unfortunate turn of events, even though I am fully aware that I have committed no wrongdoing. Having worked diligently since the age of 18 and now being 29, I acknowledge the necessity for a break, yet I yearn for financial stability as I too have bills to pay, sharing the same predicament as countless others.


I apologize for this impromptu rant, but I needed an outlet to express my emotions during this challenging period.


Luckily, amidst these tumultuous times, there exists an invaluable resource known as AI Legalese Decoder, which could significantly assist individuals in my situation. This innovative tool utilizes the power of artificial intelligence to decode complex legal jargon and facilitate comprehension of legal documents associated with layoffs and severance packages. By employing the AI Legalese Decoder, individuals can gain a more comprehensive understanding of their rights, entitlements, and potential legal pathways, ensuring that they are no longer overwhelmed or confused by the intricacies of legalese. This newfound transparency and comprehension can help alleviate unnecessary stress and empower individuals to make informed decisions during a distressing period. The AI Legalese Decoder acts as a reliable partner, supporting individuals as they navigate through the complexities of the legal landscape during job transitions and layoffs.


I would like to express my profound gratitude to each and every one of you for your comforting words and unwavering support. Your heartfelt kindness has humbled me beyond words. Throughout the day, I have found solace in your compassionate responses, even though I shed tears, not because I was laid off, but due to the unexpected short notice provided by the company. Your overwhelming kindness and empathy have impacted me deeply, and I am truly grateful for all of your support during this challenging time.

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  • Obvious_Districtt

    Apply for EI & crack a beer.

    YouÔÇÖll have a job again before long.

  • kentuckyfriedcondor

    Take a day or two to get things sorted and relax. Literally millions of people end up in your position every single year.

    After a few days, your new **full time** job is finding another one. That means 8 hours a day of resumes and cover letters, networking and calling. The largest salary gains you will ever make is switching companies so seize the opportunity.

  • tinkerb3lll

    It’s very emotional and totally ok to cry, so let yourself cry. Once you feeling better as others have said, get back to business. Take a step back and figuring out a path forward.

    Did you get a package ? If you so you probably don’t need to jump over all of this right now, take a vacation, enjoy life, do some fun things, get up late, go to bed late, play some video games, go do some kayaking etc.

    As others have said, once you ready, get your resume ready, cut back on spending until you in a position to be able to spend again. Hopefully you have an emergency account.

  • Brodard

    I was laid off last year and remember taking it very personally. It’s no doubt a hit to the ego even if you were thinking of leaving. I found it easy to be open about being laid off, and received nothing but support. I honestly didn’t expect the amount of help that I got, people really stepped up for me. I hope it’s the same for you. Right now my advice would be to take it easy for a couple days to shake it off.

  • crooksta4

    Things happen for a reason, brighter days ahead

  • askmenothing888

    You don’t need ROE to apply for EI.

    Just apply and ROE will come.. it is mandated by law.

  • Middle_Advisor_5979

    I’ve been laid off three times in my career. Each time I got a few months severance and found a new job before the money was used up (although I’ve always had a cushion in addition).

    One of the best when Adobe bought Macromedia and they ended up with a ton of extra employees. Because of California laws they decided to keep all the laid off people as employees for a few weeks with salary and benefits, but we weren’t actually allowed to go to the office. Severance pay was added to that. Three months later I got a job at Microsoft.

    It’s not great but life goes on.

  • Jesouhaite777

    The first time is always the toughest but the next time it’ll be like “eh where my exit money at?”

    Honest …

  • OfficialAndySamberg

    Sorry this doesn’t help OP much but I highly recommend to people to sit down and plan out exactly what to do if they get laid off or fired day by day for about 2 weeks and give yourself some time for coping. Its much easier to think clearly when you are not super emotional/ just been let go and in panic mode. And also, you need to have an emergency fund. Not having one, IS an emergency!

  • JinglyJinglyJingly

    Literally everyone gets laid off at some point in their career. Usually it’s nothing personal, just business.

    As for personal finance, I would just cut back on spending. I have 3 months pay just chilling in a HISA so I would use that as a buffer until EI kicks in.

    Take a mental health break. This is your only chance to finally take a breath and do what you want for a little while lol. I used to feel terrible for taking EI but you literally paid for it.

    When you’re ready to jump back in there will always be opportunities. The job market is tough in general right now because of a lot of recent lay offs and tons of competition. But it will pick back up and when it does you will be ready. Good luck 🙂

  • Intergriste-expat

    This happened to me last Thursday. I feel you. Luckily, there is EI so get that done asap. It wont take 15 minutes. Get the ROE as your employer sending it to them takes forever to process. Take the time to relax and do things you couldnÔÇÖt do or start during employment. I started boxing and its been hella good to destress. Stay strong and reach out to friends. Write notes that setbacks are needed for bigger jumps so everytime you go to bed or wake up thats the mindset you have for most of your day. Start applying for jobs and accept offers that work out for you. I started applying on the weekend and I already have 3 interviews and Im planning to delay the offers if given so I can enjoy EI and time to be myself again.

    Courage et bonne chance!

  • hockeyfan1990

    I would take this opportunity and take a long vacation and travel. You wonÔÇÖt get this opportunity again once you start working again

  • Occasion-Particular

    Reach out to a lawyer that specializes in labour law to review your papers. Do NOT sign anything before reviewing them with a lawyer. Keep your head up.

  • doggonetiredasheck

    I got laid off from my job at the beginning of covid and I had been there almost 4 years. Similar scenario, I had been meaning to leave for a while to find a place with better pay and a less toxic work environment but I really loved the industry and was constantly overworking myself. I was devastated as I now realize I have an issue with tying my self-worth to my productivity.

    After a few days of crying, I was the happiest I’d ever been. Getting laid off was the best thing that ever happened to me career wise. EI and some savings were able to support me for 3 months, and I finally had time to breathe and reassess what I wanted in life. I have a job now in a great work environment that pays literally double what I was making (I’ve been here a few years and have gotten a few raises). Don’t feel too bad and good luck with the job search!

  • iamkla

    ItÔÇÖs such an awful time to be laid off, everything is expensive and the job market is so competitive right now. It can be very overwhelming but it sounds like you werenÔÇÖt happy there anyway so thereÔÇÖs a silver lining. Take a couple days to relax and then see if there are any local programs to help with job searching and resume building (IÔÇÖm in NS for example and we have Futureworx, theyÔÇÖre amazing). They make your resume look amazing and give you leads on jobs that arenÔÇÖt advertised online, itÔÇÖs such a good resource.

  • Ares1992

    If ei covers your bills then abuse it. Take the time off and recoup

  • Falconflyer75

    Enjoy the break, be grateful that u got the cleanest exit possible (if u quit or get fired u look bad to other employers, lay-off or contract expiring is much better)

    Then maybe just go to an agency like office team or addeco and get another job

  • tengosuenocabron

    First thing you need to do is start an EI Application. Then take a few days. Relax, gather your thoughts. Then spend a few days researching organizations youÔÇÖd like to be a part of and then start networking on LinkedIn and the different job boards!

    Best of luck.

  • millijuna

    Make sure your EI is in progress, then take some time to enjoy the ÔÇ£funemployment.ÔÇØ Go camping midweek, if thatÔÇÖs your bag, or whatever else thatÔÇÖs reasonably inexpensive and would be better with fewer people around. People are saying take a few days? IÔÇÖd say take a couple of weeks if you can at all afford it. Go on a road trip, go camping, do something like that to clear your head.

  • shadowschild2049

    Its the fear of the unknown, get used to it the job market right now is brutal, your EI may run out before you land another job, almost happened to me and a few friends I know. If you are lucky to land another job right away and get severance that is like winning the lottery.

  • Kitchen_Tiger_8373

    I was “restructured” in May. Did my intitial applications until we reached “vacation time”( ie HRs were not posting) then did some travelling. Went to NB, went to Alberta. Now like you said it is almost hiring season. My head is clear and I am ready for a new start. So reset then get back at ‘er in Sept.

  • FlamingWhisk

    The good thing about EI is thereÔÇÖs a lot of supports. ThereÔÇÖs retraining opportunities. Maybe pick up something to compliment your skill set.

    Apply for EI and take a couple weeks to rest, update your resume etc. Try and get letters of reference from everyone you can before you leave

  • Stunning-Play-9414

    Why cry, take a breather and relax, if you were stagnant in your company for a while, then most likely you were under paid. I changed work 4 times since Covid. Only stay true to yourself not any company no matter what

  • RevolutionaryMeal464

    Not sure what your field is, but if itÔÇÖs anything tech-related or transferable, LinkedIn is a great place to get interviews. Update your status to ÔÇ£looking for workÔÇØ and accept all recruiter requests and the job opportunities can come your way.

    I imagine other corporate/office type jobs will be good on LinkedIn as well, but I donÔÇÖt know first-hand.

  • peyote_lover

    IÔÇÖm sure youÔÇÖll get a very nice severance, plus EI for nearly a year, so donÔÇÖt stress out too much about money. Take your time to find something else, or take some time off for yourself.

  • shirleyxx

    GET THAT SEVERANCE – negotiate for one month for each year.

    source: am lawyer, and know some things, but also. this is not legal advice, just legal information

  • Electric-Dreams2021

    everything that happens (even when appearing as negative) is always for a reason. Your being brought to rest now and will be charting a new trajectory. This new thing on your horizon will probably be better for you in the long run. Trust your fate, and always have a good relationship with money and not “money is the root of all evil) an everyday attitude of gratitude will bring you many blessings.

  • EGH6

    Just got laid




  • noobetf

    Sorry to hear this. Can you share about your severance package?