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**Seeking Advice on Family Financial Disputes**

Hey y’all, this is a throw away, but I need your advice. I just want to know what options I have.

Basically, my mom was in an accident that left them quadriplegic, with long-term, and short-term memory loss. Her mom took power of attorney and kept us from being able to make financial decisions needed for my parent’s medical care. Often leading to missing payment notices for her medical care that we’d hear from them as they complained about not receiving the full monthly payment. They would accuse us of somehow taking funds. This led us to thinking they may be comingling funds, or somehow mishandling the funds. The notice they received said a large portion would being going to child alimony payments, but we’re full adults and haven’t received any notices; we haven’t been involved in any medical or financial decisions since the accident.

Also, my one grandparent on the same side that passed was said to have left money in their will for me and my sis when they passed, but the living grandparent somehow kept the money and was using it to finance their lifestyle until they passed. Based on everything I’ve learned; it sounds like the grandparent somehow took money from the will and refused to pass it on to my side of the family. My uncle has taken the funds obtained from the will and is refusing to pass on the correct payment to us. Now my uncle, has taken power of attorney and has been accusing us of stealing their monthly funds. Asking us to do research for them as to where the money is going, but not giving any inkling as to if he’ll be giving us any kind of power to do an investigation.

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  • wot-mothmoth

    Look into contacting Adult Protective Services in regard to your mom’s monthly funds.

    As you are adults there may no longer be any Child alimony due to you. Any funds from when you were kids would have been to help house and feed you.

    As for your grandfather’s will, you may want to look into consulting with a probate/estate attorney. Some states have a spousal elective share that can override the will. It could also be that grandfather’s debts (including funeral and estate administration costs) exceeded any sole assets he had.