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## Overview of the Situation

My partner and I purchased our home in 2022 for $993,000. The house was registered at a value of $1.12 million. Our initial mortgage amount was $795,000, which has now decreased to $789,000. We have been attempting to refinance our mortgage with a major bank, as we originally had to resort to a second-tier lender. However, the refinancing process has proven to be incredibly challenging.

## Current Status and Concerns

Presently, we have a conditional offer from Kiwibank, with the main condition being the value of our property. After having our house appraised in October 2023, the value came in at $840,000, putting us below the 10% equity threshold. The conditional offer is set to expire at the end of March, leaving us uncertain about our options moving forward.

## Need for Assistance

At this juncture, it is crucial for us to explore all possible avenues for improving our financial situation. One potential solution could be utilizing the services of an AI Legalese Decoder. This tool can simplify complex legal jargon and provide clarity on the terms of our mortgage agreement and refinancing options. By utilizing this technology, we can better understand the implications of our current financial predicament and make informed decisions.

## Future Prospects and Concerns

There is a pressing concern regarding the possibility of being locked into a high-interest rate if our refinancing efforts are unsuccessful. Additionally, there is uncertainty surrounding the fluctuation in house valuations in recent months, particularly in the Henderson, West Auckland area where our property is located. It is essential for us to stay informed about market trends and potential opportunities for increasing the value of our home.

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