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## Transferring Funds to Crypto Exchange: A Potential Legal Conundrum

In the year 2016, I made a decision to transfer a considerable amount of euros from my local bank to a cryptocurrency exchange. As time progressed, from 2017 to the present day, I utilized these funds by employing various cryptocurrency debit cards. It is essential to note that there is an absence of specific cryptocurrency legislation in my European Union country. Consequently, I did not feel the need to disclose or report the transactions involving these cryptocurrencies. Fast forward to the present, the value of these funds has escalated significantly, resulting in an almost million euro profit on paper.

Given the substantial increase in the value of these cryptocurrencies, I am now contemplating converting them back to fiat currency and transferring them to my bank account. However, I am apprehensive about the potential legal implications of such a transaction. How can I carry out this conversion without facing accusations or legal scrutiny? Are there any precautionary measures that I should consider taking before proceeding with the conversion?

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  • [deleted]

    Just off-ramp from exchange to bank, and pay your taxes, simple.

  • justletmesignupalre

    Many countries don’t have a specific crypto tax law but apply similar tax laws that are made for the stock market. Check with a tax advisor.

  • _mndn_

    So, your net worth is about a million, but you cannot afford a tax advisor in your misteryous country to help you sort it out?

  • 1whatabeautifulday

    Which EU country is this?

  • OrthodoxCrusader95

    Hire a tax lawyer in your country he will help you out sort things out.

    Pay the tax and enjoy life!

  • DJfromNL

    Every country has it’s own rules, so without you disclosing where, no one can tell. As this concerns a lot of money, the wisest thing to do is to invest a tiny bit of that in asking a qualified financial advisor.

  • Ketzer47

    If you made millions from your investment, a tax councellor will be well worth his money, if you want to realize your profits.

  • MiceAreTiny

    This depends on your country. 

  • OrganizationMajor441

    Wtf dude, we can’t help you when you don’t specify. You should defiantly get in touch with a local tax accountant or lawyer to

    1) make sure if it’s taxable income
    2) if it is, how to tax it correctly the lowest possible
    3) if you did commit tax evasion, how to get out of there with no penalty

  • Alaa3301

    Move to dubai or any 0% tax country, cash out, create a trust fund and few shell companies, open up a company back home, and pay yourself a salary each month, larger expenses like a nice car etc will definitely be sus so you can do more trickery to get those expenses… Or just pay 300k or so in taxes and be a free man , up to you haha

    Also not legal advice, am not a lawyer ✨

  • RedEdition

    I can tell you the procedure for Germany.

    If you held for more than one year, you just sell your coins and enjoy the money. 

    Be prepared to provide proof that you did hold for more than one year in case the Finanzamt asks. 

    If you held for less than one year you have to declare it in your Steuererklärung as a privates Veräußerungsgeschäft. 

  • battorusobaku

    It should become a taxable event after you convert from crypto to fiat. The taxes would be on the capital gains = profit only. Depending on your country it could be 30%, it could be 15% or it could be 0%

    The 8 years in between buying and selling is only important if your country has a law in place that could reduce your taxes after some time.

    For example in the Czech Republic, if you sell your position after 3 years of owning it, you don’t have to pay any taxes on capital gains.

    Or if you really want to avoid this, try to sell your crypto bit by bit in person through P2P markets.

  • 1whatabeautifulday

    Given the significant sum, I would firstly pay an advisor to shelter your assets from taxes. Change your tax residency, etc.

    Do research online on favourable tax havens for crypto assets or in general the sale of any asset.

  • SirJo24

    Op is suspiciously fake, but for sake of curiosity and of thought experiment I am gonna ask this: why even report it at all? If you have 1 million in crypto on an exchange with credit cards possiblities, why not moving the big chunk if savings to an hardware wallet and keep on the exchange only smaller chunks for crypto and use the crypto credit card for everyday purchases?

    On some hard (or soft, for what it matters) wallets you can even sell the crypto and get EUR or USD.
    Unless you need the money to buy an apartment, you can keep the cash there, untouched and untaced, and use it to buy things.

  • 1whatabeautifulday

    Tax implications I don’t know. But firstly you need to find a financial institution that accepts fiat derived from crypto. Not many do. is a good reliable platform.

  • Budget-Disaster-2218

    Put that unrealized profit of crypto into a loan DEX as collateral – take out a loan. You don’t need to pay taxes on loans.

  • Big_Increase3289

    So you are looking for ideas to laundry money or I misunderstood you?

  • Spins13

    If there is now law, then it is tax free

  • bas-machine

    A lot of young people struggle with this same situation, though maybe not with as much money as in your case.
    Isn’t there some company where you can just trade your crypto to paper cash?

  • malkovi4

    You’ll pay taxes at some point in time. Even in my country, Bulgaria, there are laws for crypto now and I doubt you did your research for your country.

    Worst case scenario you pay the taxes plus interest for those years. But if you keep stacking the money like that they may make an example out of you and give you a more serious penalty.

  • Sunbird86

    You mean “declare” not “report”.

  • Mrlitis

    If a country doesn’t tax crypto after having it for let’s say 1 year, and someone bought for example Ethereum 3 years ago, but wants to change it to USDT before fully taking it out of exchange, does this count as 3 years or the day you “bought” USDT is day zero?

  • givehuggy

    Congrats, hire a local lawyer or something

  • 205439486012

    I would cash out and find an accountant. No way I would gamble

  • Dense-Wrongdoer8527

    Can you please donate some for me? ☺️

  • dissmisa

    What crypto was that? We all want to know

  • xatalayx

    Transfer them to a Turkish bank. No one will ask about how you got this money.

  • [deleted]

    Kyc and aml regulations in the EU will likely mean that you will have to explain the origin. Thus needing to show trades and transfers etc.

  • Basketseeksdog

    WTF which crypto did you buy 🤨

  • NitroglycerineAenema

    Come to germany, get residence, prove that you held these for more than a year, tske them
    Out as fiat, tax free 😉

  • hidrogen01

    Why exchange it, I thought crypto is the future😅

  • ResidentElectrical65

    transfer to my account. Lolz

  • Numerous-Ease1431

    In Serbia

    Bitcoin gains can be reinvested. There are special laws to protect your gains.