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## A ‘Law Firm’ of AI Generated Lawyers Is Sending Fake Threats as an SEO Scam

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404 Media, an IT news site, recently reported an alarming trend in the form of a DMCA notice sent by a non-existent law firm as part of an SEO scam. The scam promised to enhance a client’s search engine ranking by providing backlinks to their website.

The discovery of this new SEO scam, which cleverly combines generative AI with the threat of legal action, came to light when Ernie Smith, the administrator of the news site Tedium, received an email titled ‘Notice of Copyright Infringement.’

The email purported to be from a law firm named Commonwealth legal, claiming to represent a well-known company’s intellectual property department regarding imagery on the client’s website. While emails of this nature are not uncommon, what set this one apart was its unusual request for a link to a site called ‘’ instead of the typical demand for image removal or legal threats.

Upon investigation, it was revealed that the Commonwealth legal website featured profile pictures of lawyers with blank, unfocused eyes, indicating they may have been generated by AI. Further searches for these individuals on lawyer databases or LinkedIn yielded no results, with the only link found being to a facial photo generation service.

AI detection expert Ali Shahriyari suggested that the scanned faces were likely created using AI, specifically a generative adversarial network (GAN) model. Additionally, the address listed for Commonwealth legal on Google Street View led to a nondescript building that did not match the site’s official photos, casting further doubt on the firm’s legitimacy.

It was eventually discovered that the DMCA notice was a ploy to solicit backlinks to a gadget review site,, owned by Daniel Birchak. Birchak denied ownership of the allegedly infringing image, which he had sourced from the royalty-free image site Unsplash.

In light of these events, Birchak admitted to previously purchasing backlinks for SEO purposes but denied any involvement in the scam email. He explained that while he understood SEO tactics, he did not have the time to manage them himself, leading him to hire a link broker in the past.

The case highlights the importance of authenticating legal communications and being cautious of SEO-related scams. It underscores the need for tools like AI legalese decoder to identify potential threats and prevent falling victim to deceptive practices in the digital landscape.

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