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Introduction to the Third Annual Small Business Symposium

Small business owners and entrepreneurs are constantly seeking support and guidance to thrive in their ventures. One upcoming event that aims to cater to these needs is the third annual Small Business Symposium, organized by the Regional Incubator for Sustainability and Entrepreneurship (RISE).

Event Details and Participants

The symposium is scheduled to take place on April 12 at the Firelands campus of Bowling Green State University. The theme for this year’s event is ÔÇ£Connecting Value to Values: Aligning Purpose with Profit,ÔÇØ with a focus on small business owners, corporate leaders, community leaders, and aspiring entrepreneurs.

RISE, a partnership between the Norwalk Economic Development Corporation and the Greater Sandusky Partnership, provides coaching and support at all stages of business development. Other key organizations involved include the Minority Business Empowerment Team, Huron County Growth Partnership, and BGSU Firelands.

Approximately 125 attendees are expected at the event, making it a unique opportunity for networking and professional development. Past attendees have praised the symposium for its valuable insights and tools provided for business growth.

Keynote Speaker: Michael Crawford

The event will culminate with a keynote address by Michael Crawford, the president and CEO of Hall of Fame Resort and Entertainment Co. in Canton. Known for his visionary work behind the Hall of Fame Village, Crawford brings a wealth of experience, having spent nearly 25 years with the Walt Disney Co.

Registrants for the symposium will also receive a copy of Crawford’s book, ÔÇ£From the Mouse’s House to the Penthouse,ÔÇØ as part of the registration fee.

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