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Introducing Edge for Business: Enhancing Browsing in the Workplace

Many users were initially puzzled by the presence of the Microsoft Edge briefcase icon. However, it has now been revealed that this icon represents the introduction of “Edge for Business” – a specialized version of the Edge browser designed specifically for work environments. This latest enhancement, launched in version 116 of the Stable channel, brings a range of features that cater to both end users and IT professionals, ensuring a seamless browsing experience for enterprises.

Microsoft’s commitment to providing an optimal browsing experience for businesses is evident in the introduction of Edge for Business. This version introduces a dedicated work-oriented browsing experience, effectively separating work-related activities from personal ones. This separation enhances productivity and reinforces security measures by keeping work data within a controlled environment.

Why does Microsoft Edge have a briefcase icon?

The briefcase icon seen on Microsoft Edge represents the introduction of “Microsoft Edge for Business.” This specialized version of the browser is tailored to work environments, allowing users to easily distinguish between work and personal browsing instances. When users engage in work-related activities, such as accessing work profiles, passwords, favorites, and other professional tasks, the browser adopts an updated icon featuring a briefcase. This visual cue serves as a reminder that the browsing experience is focused on work, enhancing productivity and maintaining data security.

To customize this feature, users can simply go to Edge settings and enable the “Show briefcase icon on work profiles” option.

Microsoft Edge briefcase icon was actually announcing the arrival of Edge for Business – Image courtesy of Microsoft

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How to use Edge for Business

To start utilizing Microsoft Edge for Business, follow these steps:

1. Sign in to the browser using your Microsoft Entra (Azure Active Directory) account. This ensures that your browsing experience is associated with your organization’s account, enabling synchronized settings, preferences, and security features.

2. Visit the official download page to obtain Edge for Business. Download and install the browser on your preferred platform. During installation, you’ll have the opportunity to customize settings based on your organization’s requirements.

3. Microsoft Edge for Business is specifically designed to enhance both productivity and security within an organizational context. The browser includes features to separate work and personal profiles, ensuring that sensitive work data remains within a controlled environment.

By integrating Microsoft Edge for Business into your work routine, you can benefit from a browser that is optimized for professional tasks, offers enhanced security measures, and promotes efficient collaboration within your organization. For more detailed guidance on using Edge for Business, refer to the official documentation.


legal-document-to-plain-english-translator/”>Try Free Now: Legalese tool without registration

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