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# Workplace Injury Incident

I got badly hurt at my workplace today while lifting a heavy box. I followed the proper lifting technique as instructed by my workplace guidelines, but I still felt immense pain in my right shoulder. I immediately went to my manager to report the incident, and he, along with his manager, sat down with me as I explained what happened. Throughout the discussion, they seemed very upset and disappointed with me. Despite not asking for modified duties, they decided to put me on modified duties for the day.

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I am off tomorrow, and I mentioned that I would rest after my shift to see if the pain in my shoulder improves. However, they did not seem pleased with my response. I am now concerned about what kind of investigation they will conduct, especially in a retail setting where there is likely to be security camera footage of the incident.

Am I in danger of losing my job, or could my hours be reduced as a consequence of this workplace injury?

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  • BobtheUncle007

    I sure hope you have completed the WSIB forms, as well asked the manager to complete their form? [](

    You should also see a doctor right away. Whether you ‘lose time’ because of injury, it doesn’t matter right now – get it documented! Your manager won’t want to report, but ignore them. Report it.

  • Top-Signal-4815

    Hey OP – they are offering you modified duties as they are required to do so. In my last workplace they offered modified work before they even knew the injury. It’s to protect themselves on the insurance side.

    You did the right thing on reporting it right away. You should be going to the doctor and letting them know what happened so they can complete a form 8. This then lets wsib know there is a workplace injury. Sometimes injuries happen regardless of training. All need to be investigated to understand the root cause. They’ll look at your work schedule, fatigue, training, processes and the lift amount to see if what was the main issue. There should be zero risk of losing your job. If that’s the case and that happens you should be filing a complaint to the board.

    Step 1: go to the doctor asap
    Step 2: always respond and in writing to your employer to show them you are responsive
    Step 3: they have to cover their asses just like you do. Remember that. Document, ask for follow ups and ensure they have modified duties until you’re better
    Step 4: do not minimize your injury. Down playing it and hurting it later down the road without reporting it can affect the potential of your claim in the futures

  • Parking-Bench

    When a worker reports injury, an investigation must be undertaken. It’s the workers comp law. You did nothing wrong if you followed procedure and didnt shortcut.
    Modified duties too is the right procedure. The company must accommodate based on a physicians functional assessment. Call workers comp, ask for the form for physician assessment . Go to the doctor with the form and they can fill out what you can and can not do while you recover and for how long.

    Your mgrs probably hate the scrutiny this will put on their department and safety procedures but don’t worry it’s on them not you to make sure proper safety is taught and practiced.
    Good luck.

  • cernegiant

    Your managers are following the correct procedures here. The only thing missing is that they should have offered to take you to a doctor.