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## I made a mistake and now my private photos may be exposed

I regret to say that I have found myself in a precarious situation where my personal photos could potentially be leaked to the public. It was a poor decision on my part, but I am reaching out for guidance in handling this crisis. The content I shared was limited to a photo of my chest without revealing my face. However, the individual in question proceeded to capture both the image of my chest and an earlier photo that included my face. Subsequently, he made threats to disclose this sensitive material unless I comply with his demands for more images. After recording his username on Snapchat, I promptly reported his actions, issued a warning regarding the illegality of his behavior, and ultimately severed communication by blocking him. I am extremely apprehensive about the repercussions of this situation. Although the individual is unfamiliar to me and resides in a different state, I am unsure of the appropriate steps to take at this point. What should be my course of action moving forward?

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  • pottick

    You need help but it will be ok. Talk to your parents or a trusted adult. These things happen and kids are targeted. They can help you file a case with the FBI. also, don’t reply to strangers who private message you here.

  • nobodysbusiness7781

    This is a classic sextortion scam. You can find a lot of good resources on the internet googling that term.

    This isn’t your fault. You’re not stupid. You’re being targeted for a crime based on pretty normal teenage behavior these days.

    The good news is that the nude pics are rarely leaked in this scam. You should block the person and make all your social media private. The more you engage the scammers, the higher the chances of a leak.

    You should also call the FBI and report it. 800-CALL-FBI (assuming you’re in the US). The FBI can and does investigate these scammers even if they are oversees.

    I also strongly encourage you to tell someone you trust. The scammers play on your fears, you don’t need to give them that power.

    And some people recommend the position of claiming the photos are not you, they’re just AI generated nonsense, if they ever do get released. I always think truth is the best option, because like I said, you have nothing to be ashamed about.

    I also recommend They have a free system to report your photo to get major internet companies to remove it. They also have a lot of good resources.

    Editing to respond to other posts: My apologies, NCII is for 18+. NCMEC is a better resource for someone your age.

  • ThePenetrator4

    He literally is in possession of child porn. Could be very easy for the police to track him down if he didnt use a VPN during your interactions.

    Lastly, never send nudes. Even to your boyfriend or someone you “trust”. Ever.

  • wetfootmammal

    This person threatening to leak your nudes is in possession of child pornography. Contact the police and an attorney right away. They’re gonna be in much worse trouble than you are if the police catch up with them.

  • easy_answers_only

    Tell your parents. Don’t go to the police before you talk to them

  • bubbagrace

    Go to your parents or a trusted adult, I know it’s scary and you think you’re going to get in so much trouble, but you’re 14 and it is going to be okay. Also, you’re not stupid, you’re young and still learning, this seems major right now but in the grand scheme of things it is just a blip. As a parent what breaks my heart about this is the idea that you are struggling through this without support. Keep your head up, learn from the mistake and forgive yourself!

  • roundyround22

    At 14 I never would have thought to seek legal advice, that’s pretty mature. Please remember no matter what, your life, your happiness and your well-being are what is so much more important than anything else. No idiot can have power over you, and please talk to an adult you can trust about this

  • djw002

    First you have to tell your parents before you can do anything. Local cops most likely won’t be able to do anything so you’d have to go to the FBI. Bring all the info.

  • More_Part_3365

    Hi OP,

    First, everything is going to be okay. You do not need to be worried or have fear. At your age, what may seem like a huge problem will be nothing in a few months. Millions of people have fallen for sextortion scams, including myself (at the time a 25M). You are not alone.

    As @nobodysbusiness7781 said, this is a classic sextortion scam, this person is trying to extort you into continuing to send them sexual content. The first and most important thing to do is to STOP communicating with that person. Block them on all accounts, do NOT respond to any messages NO MATTER WHAT. Make all of your social media private or delete the accounts all together.

    Do you know this person personally (as in met them in person) or only online? If you’ve only meet them online, then understand that this person is probably not the person you think you were talking to. Scammers almost always set up fake profiles to pretend to be someone else. The good news is that if you’ve only met online, then removing your online presence will almost guarantee you’re safe. If you do know this person, then you have a way to hold them accountable and there’s a good chance they won’t anyway because they won’t want to get caught.

    Doing the above will stop 99% of these scams.

    If you feel you need to escalate, report this to an authority person whom you trust: your parents, police, teacher/school administrator, etc. Understand there have been rare cases where a minor has also been charged for production of sexual images involving minors, but usually this does not happen.

    Know that, even if (and it’s a very unlikely outcome) your photos were to leak, most people will never see them. Even the few that would will do nothing more than gloss over them.