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U.S. Women’s National Team Defeats Vietnam 3-0 in World Cup Opener

By Jeff Carlisle, U.S. soccer correspondent – Jul 21, 2023, 11:18 PM ET – 8 Minute Read

Herculez Gomez: Hard to nitpick USWNT after 3-goal win

Ali Krieger and Herculez Gomez react to the United States Women’s National Team’s 3-0 win vs. Vietnam.

AUCKLAND, New Zealand — In their opening game of the 2023 FIFA World Cup, the U.S. women’s national team defeated Vietnam 3-0. Although the margin of victory may not have been as wide as expected, the result was still satisfactory. Sophie Smith shined by scoring two goals in the first half and setting up Lindsey Horan for the third goal. The U.S. defense had a relatively easy day, keeping Vietnam untroubled.

Smith opened the scoring in the 14th minute, capitalizing on Alex Morgan’s layoff pass and placing the ball through the legs of Vietnam keeper Tran Thi Kim Thanh. Morgan had a chance to increase the U.S. lead but failed to convert a penalty in the 44th minute, with Tran making the save. Smith then extended the Americans’ lead, scoring in first-half stoppage time after Tran’s weak attempted punch.

In the second half, the U.S. maintained their territorial dominance and finally broke through in the 77th minute, with Smith assisting on Horan’s goal.

Here’s how the individual performances of the players stacked up:

Player ratings (0-10; 10=best; 5=average. Players introduced after 70 minutes get no rating.)

GK Alyssa Naeher, 6 — Naeher had a stress-free day, touching the ball only four times in the first half.

Smith scored twice and set up the third as the U.S. wrapped up a 3-0 win over Vietnam in its 2023 World Cup opener.SAEED KHAN/AFP via Getty Images

DF Emily Fox, 5 — Fox defended well but needed to be sharper in the attacking half. She missed a great chance in the 66th minute, shooting over the bar from close range.

DF Julie Ertz, 7 — Ertz initially struggled with her passing but later found her rhythm. She was a physical force in the back.

DF Naomi Girma, 8 — Girma displayed composure on the ball and effectively used her pace to thwart Vietnam’s limited attacks. Her long diagonal passes created problems for the opposition and set up Smith’s second goal.

DF Crystal Dunn, 6 — Dunn made an impact in the attacking play and should strive to do more, especially since Smith didn’t always connect well with her teammates.

MF Savannah DeMelo, 5 — DeMelo had a mixed performance. While she excelled defensively, her contribution in the attack was lacking. She did provide a sharp pass to set up Morgan’s scoring opportunity, but she needed to be more involved and influential throughout the match.

MF Andi Sullivan, 6 — Sullivan kept the U.S. attacking play moving and effectively won back possession when required. She led the team with 16 defensive interventions.

MF Lindsey Horan, 7 — Horan showed inconsistency in the first half, making risky plays through the middle. However, she played a role in Smith’s opening goal. Her performance improved in the second half, and she sealed the victory with a crucial third goal, which could prove vital in tiebreaker situations.

FW Trinity Rodman, 6 — Despite an early knock, Rodman was an impactful presence on the wings during the first half. She won a penalty late in the half but became less influential in the second half.

FW Alex Morgan, 5 — Morgan displayed her quality with a subtle touch that led to Smith’s opening goal. However, she missed the chance to convert a penalty earned by Rodman.

FW Sophia Smith, 8 — Smith lived up to the high expectations, delivering goals when it mattered. While her link-up play could have been better, she made significant contributions, including assisting Horan’s crucial goal.


FW Megan Rapinoe, 5 (on for Morgan, 63″) — Rapinoe’s appearance marked her 200th cap for the U.S. Although she had an opportunity to score in the 71st minute, she missed the target.

MF Rose Lavelle, 6 (on for DeMelo, 63″) — The U.S. attack improved after Lavelle’s introduction. She even hit the crossbar late in the game. Her presence on the field bodes well for the team’s future matches.

FW Alyssa Thompson, N/R (on for Rodman, 75″) — The 18-year-old Thompson infused energy into the match during her time on the field.

DF Kelley O’Hara, N/R (on for Dunn, 84″) — The veteran O’Hara made a late cameo appearance and executed a solid tackle.

DF Sofia Huerta, N/R (on for Fox, 84″) — Huerta appeared to lack pace during her brief stint.

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