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Zac Goodwin/PA Images/Getty Images

England’s Georgia Stanway celebrates scoring against Haiti.

England Overcomes Feisty Haiti in World Cup Opener


On paper it was a mismatch; the European champion and one of the World Cup favorites England facing tournament debutant Haiti. However, thanks to its strong determination and impressive goalkeeping, Haiti managed to put up a strong fight against the Lionesses.

England secured a hard-fought 1-0 victory after Georgia Stanway scored from a retaken penalty. The match was far from easy for England, as Haiti’s goalkeeper Kerly Theus made several outstanding saves to keep the scoreline close.

Despite England’s dominance with 19 shots on goal, 10 of them on target, Haiti’s defense stood strong and prevented the Lionesses from securing a larger goal difference. It was a credit to Haiti’s resilience and Theus’ exceptional goalkeeping skills.

Justin Setterfield/Getty Images

Alessia Russo of England clashes with Kerly Theus of Haiti.

Haiti had a chance to equalize late in the game, but England goalkeeper Mary Earps made two brilliant saves to preserve her team’s lead. It was a crucial moment that showcased Earps’ skills and played a significant role in securing the win for England.

“They challenged us,” acknowledged England’s goalscorer Stanway in a post-match interview. She emphasized the danger Haiti posed on the counter-attack and expressed the team’s intention to address this issue in their upcoming training sessions. Stanway also highlighted Earps’ crucial save and the collective effort of the team in securing the victory.

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Despite being the favorites, England faced a challenging opponent in Haiti from the beginning. In fact, Haiti had the most promising early chance of the game, with Roselord Borgella’s effort narrowly missing the goalpost. This demonstrated Haiti’s determination to compete and defy expectations in their World Cup debut.

England continued to press for goals, even having a potential penalty ruled out by VAR. Haiti’s goalkeeper Theus made numerous brave saves to deny England from extending their lead.

However, a VAR check eventually awarded England a penalty for a handball by a Haitian player inside the box. Despite Theus’ initial spectacular save, the penalty was retaken due to the goalkeeper moving off her line too soon. Georgia Stanway seized her second chance and successfully converted the penalty, proving to be the decisive goal in the match.

Justin Setterfield/Getty Images

Georgia Stanway’s penalty proved the difference between the two teams.

Stanway shared her thoughts on the penalty, praising Theus’ initial save but acknowledging the goalkeeper’s infringement. She stuck to her strategy and successfully converted the retaken penalty, highlighting the mental focus and determination required in such game-changing moments.

Although England took an early lead, they struggled to capitalize on it and break

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