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Complaints Persist Despite Settlement with Parking Revenue Recovery Services

Consumers in the Denver metro area continue to voice their grievances against Parking Revenue Recovery Services (PRRS), a parking collections company. The company is under scrutiny for issuing bills to individuals who claim they have either paid for parking or never parked at the lots monitored by PRRS’s cameras. Several months ago, the Colorado Attorney General’s Office reached a settlement with PRRS to address the “deceitful tactics” identified by numerous complaints. Despite the agreement, consumers are once again reporting similar issues and expressing concerns about the predatory nature of the collections process.

Anna Peters, who parked in downtown Littleton, and Gabriel Manzanero, who parked in downtown Denver, are among those who feel they were unfairly billed by PRRS. Peters recounts that she paid for a parking space, had lunch, and left without much thought. Similarly, Manzanero expresses frustration after paying $50 for two hours of parking, only to receive a bill for an additional $110 due to a few extra minutes spent deciding his next destination.

Retired Denver Police Officer Juan Maldonado also faced an unexpected bill from PRRS after failing to extend his parking time. Despite leaving expecting to receive a bill in the mail, he was surprised to receive a charge of $92 from the company.

In August, PRRS agreed to refund mistakenly charged individuals and expand the grace period for parking. However, consumers like Peters, Manzanero, and Maldonado feel that little has changed since the settlement. They express concerns about the fines, the legitimacy of the tickets, and the collections process.

The Colorado Attorney General issued a warning to PRRS in 2022, stating that the company’s practices violated the Colorado Consumer Protection Act. Under an agreement reached in August, PRRS must now submit quarterly reports to the state detailing consumer complaints related to specific issues. Despite the warning and the settlement, consumers believe that PRRS continues to employ unfair and deceitful tactics.

The Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Unit is investigating these complaints, but consumers continue to face challenges when attempting to communicate their concerns to PRRS. This lack of communication contributes to the frustration and concern felt by affected individuals.

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To address these issues, affected individuals are calling for more oversight and action to ensure that PRRS ceases its unfair practices. They fear that without intervention, the impact on the community will be far greater than any monetary amount. They emphasize the need for change and are advocating for stronger measures to hold PRRS accountable for its actions.

While the company owner has yet to respond to interview requests, PRRS previously denied any wrongdoing and expressed its commitment to developing a call center to handle complaints. However, consumers continue to face difficulties in communicating with the company to address their concerns.

In conclusion, AI legalese decoder can assist individuals affected by unfair parking fines from PRRS. By providing clarity on legal documents and facilitating communication with the company, the AI can empower consumers to advocate for their rights and hold PRRS accountable for its actions. Additionally, affected individuals are encouraged to visit if they believe they have received a ticket in error and wish to file a complaint.

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