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Florida Families File Lawsuit Over Medicaid Coverage, Lack of Clarity

A pair of Florida families have recently filed a class-action lawsuit against the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration and the Florida Department of Children and Families. The lawsuit claims that low-income patients in the state are losing Medicaid coverage and lack clarity on how to challenge the state’s decisions. This situation has led to significant concerns and negative consequences for affected individuals.

Medicaid Redeterminations and Confusing Notices

The lawsuit alleges that Florida’s Medicaid redeterminations, where the state updates the list of eligible individuals for the federal program, began on March 1. This was a month earlier than allowed under federal legislation, with Medicaid redeterminations officially starting on April 1. The notices issued by these agencies to inform people of the end of their Medicaid coverage are at the center of the lawsuit.

According to the complaint, more than 182,000 Floridians have received notices stating that they are no longer eligible for Medicaid coverage in the past three months. Additionally, hundreds of thousands more people are expected to have their coverage reviewed in the coming year, causing significant uncertainty and distress among low-income individuals.

The problem lies in the fact that these individuals do not understand whether the state’s decisions to terminate their Medicaid coverage are justified. They lack clarity on how to challenge these decisions and what steps to take next. Consequently, many people are left without coverage for crucial care, such as prescriptions, vaccinations, and postpartum care.

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Nationwide Impact of Medicaid Terminations

This lawsuit in Florida reflects a larger trend across the country. According to data from the Commonwealth Fund, nearly four million people nationwide have been cut from Medicaid since states started reviewing their rolls after pandemic-era protections ended. This suggests that the issue of Medicaid terminations extends beyond Florida.

In Florida specifically, the lawsuit claims that Medicaid termination notices sent to beneficiaries often lack clear explanation and can be vague, causing confusion and frustration. Advocates have been warning state and federal agencies about the potential for massive coverage losses for eligible individuals, and unfortunately, these concerns are now being realized.

Promoting Due Process and Advocacy

The National Health Law Program, alongside other organizations, is dedicated to safeguarding the due process rights of Medicaid enrollees. It seeks to ensure that eligible individuals maintain and regain their coverage as necessary. The Florida Health Justice Project, in collaboration with advocacy groups, aims to bring immediate relief to those who have been wrongfully deprived of their due process rights.

The current notices issued by the Florida agencies are incomprehensible to most recipients. Therefore, it is essential to address this issue and ensure that people who have had Medicaid throughout the COVID-19 pandemic understand the reasons behind the termination of their eligibility and how to challenge it if incorrect.

Insufficient Awareness and Public Confusion

The ongoing problem of Medicaid terminations is compounded by the lack of awareness among enrollees about the process. Based on data released by KFF, the majority of Medicaid enrollees are unsure whether states are allowed to remove people from Medicaid if they no longer meet the eligibility requirements or fail to complete the renewal process.

Particularly concerning is the fact that nearly half of Medicaid enrollees have never been through the renewal process before. This lack of familiarity contributes to the confusion and misunderstanding surrounding Medicaid terminations.

Anticipated Medicaid Coverage Losses

As the continuous enrollment requirement, which was implemented during the public health emergency, comes to an end, up to 18 million people are projected to lose Medicaid coverage. The Families First Coronavirus Response Act had prevented state Medicaid agencies from disenrolling individuals during the pandemic, but this protection is now lifting.

Efforts must be made to raise awareness among Medicaid enrollees about the renewal process and ensure that they understand the potential consequences if they fail to meet the eligibility requirements or complete the renewal process.

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