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Bed Bath & Beyond Relaunches Website Under New Owner

Bed Bath & Beyond’s website relaunched Tuesday under its new owner,, breathing new life into the iconic home goods retailer that was declared bankrupt earlier this year. This relaunch aims to combine Bed Bath’s brand name with Overstock’s business model to create a business that can soar. With the relaunch, customers visiting the new website will see up to $50 of loyalty reward points reinstated from former Bed Bath & Beyond customer accounts, alongside other perks such as a 20% discount on their initial purchase for signing up for the newly relaunched Welcome Rewards loyalty program and a 25% discount on initial purchases for downloading the new Bed Bath & Beyond mobile app. This relaunch signifies a significant shift for Overstock, as it moves away from the mistaken perception of being a liquidator and embraces the beloved and iconic Bed Bath & Beyond name.

The successful purchase of Bed Bath & Beyond’s intellectual property and digital assets by Overstock for $21.5 million in cash further foreshadowed this relaunch. Bed Bath & Beyond had filed for Chapter 11 protection in April after experiencing years of failed attempts to revitalize its home goods business. All remaining Bed Bath & Beyond physical stores were set to close this weekend but will now continue under the relaunched brand’s online presence.

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The quarterly net revenues of saw a significant decline of 20% year-on-year last quarter, reaching $422 million, while the company reported a net quarterly loss of $73 million. Additionally, the number of active customers for the quarter reduced by 29% compared to the same period last year. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on’s sales momentum is evident, as reflected in its declining share price from about $121 in August 2020 to approximately $36 at the close of trading on Monday.

Despite these challenges, internal customer research suggests that Bed Bath & Beyond still holds a strong position among North American consumers as one of the top five home goods retail brands. The successful launch of the new website in Canada further validates this claim, as it has been well received by customers. To differentiate itself from the competition in the crowded online retail marketplace, the relaunched Bed Bath website may heavily rely on enticing deals and discounts.

However, the closure of Bed Bath & Beyond physical stores may pose a hindrance to the new company’s growth and brand recognition. Preserving the brand’s presence in consumers’ minds is crucial, and a carefully crafted strategy will be necessary to ensure that Bed Bath & Beyond does not fade away in the coming years.’s CEO, Jonathan Johnson, remains confident in the company’s strategy and believes that bad management might kill companies but not brands. The strong association of the Bed Bath brand with home and the love it receives from customers provide a solid foundation for the future success of the relaunched company.

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