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## Stocks Hit New Record Highs

Stocks reached new record highs, with the S&P 500 hitting an intraday high of 5,261.10 and a closing high of 5,241.53 on Thursday. The S&P increased by 2.3% for the week to close at 5,234.18. Year to date, the index is up 9.7% and has surged by 46.3% from its closing low in October 2022.

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## The Significance of Recessions Predictors

Although certain economic indicators like the yield curve and the Leading Economic Index have historically signaled recessions, their accuracy and timing can vary. For example, the yield curve inverts when long-term rates are lower than short-term rates, which has often preceded economic downturns.

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## Assessing Leading Economic Indicators

The Leading Economic Index (LEI), which combines various economic metrics, has also been used to predict recessions. However, recent data suggests a positive shift in the LEI signal, indicating a different economic trajectory than previously anticipated.

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## The Potential Impact on Markets

As financial institutions adjust their forecasts and the S&P 500 target is revised upwards, market dynamics may experience significant shifts. Despite concerns about inflation and market valuations, economic data points to a bullish soft landing scenario with manageable inflation levels and sustained economic growth.

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