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### Large Crane Arrives at Site of Francis Scott Key Bridge Collapse
A floating crane described as one of the biggest on the East Coast has made its way to the scene of the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse in Baltimore. The arrival of the Chesapeake 1000, capable of lifting 1,000 tons, marks the beginning of a massive effort to clear debris that has severely impacted the operations of one of the country’s largest ports and caused economic hardship. Maryland Gov. Wes Moore (D) announced that alongside the Chesapeake 1000, there will be 10 other cranes, 10 tugs, nine barges, eight salvage vessels, and five Coast Guard boats joining the cleanup.

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### Uphill Battle to Restore Access to the Port of Baltimore
Despite the urgent need to restore access to the Port of Baltimore, which is vital for thousands of jobs and handles billions of dollars in cargo annually, progress has been slow. The Chesapeake 1000 remained inactive on Friday, underscoring the intricate nature, length, and risks involved in the cleanup operation. Officials emphasized the importance of conducting a thorough assessment of the site before commencing debris removal. The scene features massive trusses submerged in 50-foot waters and a section of the Key Bridge precariously draped over the cargo ship that collided with it.

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### Delicate Operation Underway to Clear Debris
Authorities revealed that a comprehensive assessment of the scene includes divers navigating the Patapsco River, survey boats, and aerial surveillance by an FBI helicopter. The goal is to gather detailed imagery to devise a safe and meticulous plan for removing steel and concrete obstacles. Gov. Moore refrained from providing a definitive timeline for recovery, acknowledging the considerable time and effort required to address the disaster.

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### Multi-Phase Approach to Recovery
Coast Guard Rear Adm. Shannon Gilreath outlined a three-phase recovery plan that involves clearing the channel for shipping resumption, freeing the Dali vessel, and ultimately eliminating remaining debris from the riverbed. The scale of the operation is highlighted by the need to dismantle sections of the Key Bridge weighing thousands of tons.

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