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Occidental Petroleum Reports Steep Decline in Earnings Amidst Falling Commodity Prices

Occidental Petroleum, a prominent oil producer, has recently reported a significant decrease in its earnings due to the decline in commodity prices. These prices had surged following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine but have now returned to normal levels.

The company, which emerged as the top performer on the S&P 500 in 2022, recorded a net income of $605 million for the second quarter. This figure represents an 83% decrease compared to the previous year, falling short of analyst estimates. As a consequence, Occidental Petroleum’s shares experienced a decline of just under 3% during after-market trading.

A key factor contributing to Occidental’s profit decline was its decision to write off certain assets in Wyoming, where it had abandoned its exploration plans. However, despite this setback, the company remains optimistic and has raised its full-year production guidance. Vicki Hollub, the CEO of Occidental Petroleum, expressed confidence in “a strong second half of 2023”.

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